Speaker(s) For Greater Milwaukee Chapter Kick-off

We have tentatively scheduled the Pro Lab 1 day mold certification class for Saturday June 24th and plan to follow it with a chapter kick-off meeting (either with or following dinner). Since we will have class participants throughout the state, we paln on promoting the new NE Wisconsin Chapter as well.

I am looking for a good speaker (or speakers) to choose from that can attend. Nick will be in SC that day so he is out for this time.


It depends on the type of speaking you want…Contact NICK he will be more than glad to give you a run down of the speakers that area available.

I think he may be a little distracted right now. Anyone else at NACHI I can contact for the rundown. It would be good to know who is available and what topics they can do presentations on. I would like to choose something attractive to non-members to get them to hang around after the mold class.


Those are good for later but most are all 1 day things. Since we will already be doing the Pro Lab Mold Class before the meeting I am looking for 1 hour presentation speakers. Nick will be in SC that day (June 24th) but I am open to other ideas. Do we know if anyone else does marketing?

OK…I am not sure NICk is going to pay anyone on the list I posted for 1 hour…would not be cost effective for NACHI.

You may want to think about inviting a local real estate agent or simular who may be able to do a short presentation.


My calendar is open for that date.

John B.

What can you cover and at what time lengths.


My favorite is the ask the ED anything. An open question and answer type forum. My talks/discussion periods have ran anywhere from a 15 minute presentation in Ohio at one time to over 8 hours in Canada over a two day period. I’ve even been known to take over a class. (Ask Bob Brown or Larry Ewens up in Canada).

I’ve given talks on the past, present, and future of the Home Inspection Profession. Of course touting NACHI’s role and vision.

While Executive Director of NACHI, I have met more than 40 Senators and over 140 House of Representatives on behalf of NACHI. In addition I can thrown in to the mix three Governors. So legislation/regulation seems to be a popular subject.

Report verification and proctored exams within the individual chapters seems to be a popular subject and objective of most chapters. Together with Russ Myers from Chicago, I believe we have set into place a good program for this. I would be more than happy to talk to your chapter in implementation of this.

So it all boils down to - What do you and your members want. I’m open to anything and everything…

John B.

I was born and raised in Milwaukee , makes me want to visit for the meeting

Since we will be doing a kickoff I am looking to do something that would have inspectors attending the Mold Class stick around and attend our chapter meeting.

Marketing is always good but I think we could save that for a time that Nick can come. I bet a good talk on “The Future of the Home Inspection Industry and Where We are Going” (or some catchy title) would be attractive to a bunch of home inspectors who just finished a class on mold.

I have a local inspector who has been doing mold and indoor air quality inspections for a long time and would be willing to speak briefly about the more advanced training he will be offering locally, but I would like a good main topic to attract the locals.


If you want me to come I need to know everything in advance. I’d be thrilled to meet and greet Inspectors in Wisconsin. Like I noted, you pick the subject and I will speak.

Send me an email at john.bowman@nachi.org with your schedule of events if you accept me as one of your speakers.

John B.

Alrighty then.