Special Announcement: ASHI/NACHI agree!


They were attending the NAHI Executive Directors funeral. :wink:

From ITA’s elite to this…


Read between the lines. It’s humor. Three (3) (1+1+1 = 3) trade associations all posturing for position and eliminating each other in questionable crazy ways in the process. Once they eliminate themself you can start up a replacement org. Lighten up.:roll:

Correction: ITA elite? I do not even work for ITA. They do have a great school however.

Sorry John, I know you guy’s are funnin around. After reading the debacle of all recent debacles :raised: I was down and the NAHI thing caught my eye as perhaps a little tough on Mallory.

I though at one time you were the senior instructor for ITA?

No problem. I’m kidding Mallory as well. She is prettier than Nick or Rob so I do not want to make her mad. :eek:

Yes I did enjoy teaching for ITA in the past. They are a fun group.:smiley:

However, to console anyone else I must annouce that I have discovered Nick, Rob and Mallory all have the X man mutant gene and posess regenerative capabilites. You cannot get rid of them. They are all alive and well again.:twisted:

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Perhaps you quit in the last 10 minutes or so…

You would have loved it when Nick said he was dating…:shock: :wink:

The thread isn’t too far from the truth.

NACHI and ASHI agree that ASTM need not re-invent the wheel when our industry already has SOPs delineated in legislation, adopted by insurance underwriters, required by franchisors, used in schools, relied upon in legal proceedings and adhered to by tens of thousands of inspectors.

Scumbag NAHI however, goes against us.

NACHI and ASHI agree that it is unethical for inspectors to offer to sell repair services to correct the very defects they find on an inspection and so both organizations prohibit such unconscionable practices.

Scumbag NAHI however, permits it.

NACHI and ASHI agree that the bribing of REALTORs to recommend not the best inspectors based on merit but rather the scumbag inspectors that pay them the most via preferred vendor schemes is unethical and both organizations prohibit it.

Scumbag NAHI however, permits it.

My understanding is this issue is where NAHI got most of its membership and $$$ (the franchises bailed from ASHI when they revised CoE to ban paying for preferred provider listings). Somebody straighten me out if this is not accurate.

Nick, have you ever met their lobbyist (David Poisson)? He could sell refrigerators to eskimos.


Scumbag NAHI isn’t really an association of inspectors… which is why I don’t feel bad call them a scumbag association. They are an association of REALTOR bribing contractors who use my industry to trick consumers into thinking they are getting an impartial inspection report, when in fact, what they are getting is a sales pitch from a repair contractor who bribed the REALTOR to hide the fact from his/her client that the report suffers from a clear conflict of interest.

If scumbag NAHI changes their name to the National Association of REALTOR bribing contractors… I would consider them to be forthright about who they really are and stop calling them scumbag NAHI. I’d call them NARBC.

You would think that there *already *would have been some legislative act that prohibits inspectors from making repairs in this manner. Overkill on petty issues and lax on everything else. Politics.

In some states there are…but do we really need politicians to tell us what is right and what is wrong? Should our ethical standards derive from the peers of Foley, Clinton, or Nixon?

I think that all states that have laws regarding home inspectors prohibit inspectors from selling repair services for at least a year after the inspection. It is a shame that states have to outlaw that which scumbag NAHI defends. We have no mechanism to stop scumbag NAHI in unlicensed states. NACHI and ASHI prohibit this unethical practice.

As for bribing REALTORs, more and more states have passed or are passing laws to prohibit scumbag NAHI from engaging in this practice. AZ, PA, NH to name a few. NACHI, ASHI, and Civil Justice all condemn this unethical practice as well.

There are good, ethical inspectors who are members of scumbag NAHI, but overall… scumbag NAHI the trade association takes the low road on every issue.

Yes NAHI in Chicago area does have some first class people and inspectors. Very easy going, low key bunch. No political bs ever at their meetings.

Our standard real estate contract in Kansas City states something along the line of: “client acknowledges that agent, broker, licensee, etc may have financial arrangements with lenders, insurance companies, title companies, inspectors, etc.”

So I guess before we worry about passing laws keeping inspectors from bribing agents - we ought to work on the laws on the real estate side.

Dan Bowers writes

Exactly! Even the real estate agents have to disclose to their clients in writing AHEAD OF TIME of any conflict of interest. Scumbag NAHI should do similarly… but no… scumbag NAHI not only permits this conflict of interest, it unconscionably permits its members to HIDE it from their clients and only requires their so-called disclosure(its not a disclosure if it doesn’t come before the purchase decision) to be made AFTER it is too late for the poor consumer to choose a fully impartial inspector like NACHI or ASHI members.

Excellent post Dan.

Here in Texas, I know of a Termite-Home Inspector who
has been discovered several times for treating for
termites after his report… and there was never
any termites.!!!

Why are these termite guys allowed to do treatments
after they report it on their own inspection??? :roll:

Another excellent post John.

NACHI members who offer legitimate, impartial (as they should be) WDO inspections have to compete with Orkin and Terminix and all these other WDO inspection companies that offer their inspections for FREE knowing that they will get a certain amount of the repair work. This is what allows them to give away WDO inspections for free. My NACHI members can’t compete with free.

This is exactly what scumbag NAHI wants to do to our home inspection industry. The Scumbag NAHI dragon must die before it destroys our whole town (profession).