Under Attack

For many years, I resisted joining any organization, mostly because of the rumor-mongering, back-stabbing, and other equally distasteful activities that seem to accompany group behavior. However, I was left without choice when my insurance company insisted that I join one. Shortly thereafter, I joined NAHI on the recommendation of a fellow inspector, and in the interests of fellowship I began sending them articles about the threat that litigation poses to the inspection industry, which I documented with precision. They published one, and then steadfastly declined to publish any more, even though CREIA and other organizations were publishing them quite regularly. Perplexed, I told them that I didn’t want to waste their time and mine by submitting articles that were apparently being ignored. They replied, and informed me in so many words, that the level of diction in my articles was too high for their membership. As an English professor, I didn’t need to be informed about the level of diction from a NAHI staff member, and I certainly didn’t need to take more than a cursory glance at their magazine to realize how absurd their response was. In fact, I understood it to mean that they either didn’t have a very high regard for the group intelligence of their membership or didn’t want to publish anything that was critical of attorneys or the legal profession. Almost immediately, I resigned my membership in NAHI and joined NACHI, but I have never said anything negative about NAHI, or any other organization for that matter, nor would I ever. I have respected inspector/friends in several organizations.

Since then, the fellowship of NACHI has welcomed me with open arms, all of my articles have been published, and I haven’t had a second thought about NAHI until my business partner in Porter Valley Software, Lorne Steiner, received a letter from the president of NAHI canceling Porter Valley Software’s affiliate membership and canceling its vendor invitation to their upcoming conference, on the grounds that he is a director at large of NACHI, and I was recently appointed as its vice-president. You don’t have to think about this for too long to see that there is no logical explanation for such censure. Many vendors serve honorably on the boards of other organizations. As a building inspector, I’ve always tried to do what is best for inspectors, and it does concern me that Porter Valley Software’s trade practices should be impugned for whatever grievance (real or imagined) NAHI has with NACHI.

Many NAHI members visit the NACHI website, if only because it is vastly superior to others. Regardless, if you’re a NAHI member, I ask you to consider what is right and what is wrong, and if you believe in truth and justice to make your voice heard. I have no doubt that you are able to read these words without difficulty, which is more credit than NAHI officially gave you, and for that reason you might want to spend more time on the NACHI message board, and if you’d like to read what NAHI didn’t apparently want you to read, it’s contained in my book Inspect and Protect, in which I proudly acknowledge NACHI’s contribution. There is nothing more disarming than the plain truth.


Reminds me of that axiom, “When you find yourself in hole, stop digging.”

Well, I appreciate reading your posts and having you here, Keith.


Hi Keith,

I whole heartedly support NAHI’s decision in booting Porter Valley out and barring you from all there events.

I suggest that they do the same with any and all vendors who have supported NACHI, its chapters or members in any way shape or form.

It will hasten their demise, as no association can function without the support of its vendors.

It is a shame that several very small minds get to make these decisions and in doing so are in no way reflective of their membership.

I bet that at any NACHI event 25% of the vendors either hold or have held senior positions within other orgs, and all are made welcome.

Their lost is our huge gain.



Kieth you have always helped me in many things .
I am sorry to see things like this happen and is most unfortunate .
I am so glad for NACHI and all its members to be able get so much support from you for all the home inspectors every where .
Thanks for being here for all to enjoy your great thoughts and ideas .


Dr. Swift writes:

This is the same scumbag NAHI who paid for the postage for their own member to mail out a letter to PA REALTORs that said NACHI wasn’t compliant with state law, harming many good NACHI inspectors.

This is the same scumbag NAHI who moved its dead convention next to ours in Florida this past year, the 3 days preceeding ours.

This is the same scumbag NAHI who sued NACHI for using a house in its logo, as if scumbag NAHI owned everything that had a house in it.

This is the same scumbag NAHI who went to court complaining that NACHI is using NAHI in their metatags to divert traffic away from their site, even though NAHI.org wasn’t even registered until 3 years after NACHI went online and we don’t use metatags.

This is the same scumbag NAHI who refused to join with ASHI, NACHI and CMI in prohibiting preferred vendor list participation (bribing of REALTORs to get them to breach their fiduciary duty to their clients to recommend inspectors solely on merit and instead recommend the scumbag NAHI member who pays them the most).

This is the same scumbag NAHI who is trying to bastardize our profession by permitting (in a document they ridiculously title NAHI Code of Ethics) their members to disregard our duty to be impartial and sell repair services without disclosing that their reports lack impartiality prior to the customer hiring the inspector (so it isn’t a disclosure at all) despite ASHI, NACHI, CMI, and every known licensing board prohibiting such unconscionable practices.

I’m not a person who regularly uses mean-spirited words like “scumbag” so if someone can come up with a more accurate adjective to describe scumbag NAHI… I’ll switch to it.

Ahh…would DoucheBag work better…?


Their loss our gain…Mmmmmm maybe we should thank them…Naw

Greg & I had discussed having an AssuranceCheck table at NAHI’s Las Vegas convention, but there are some thing even a vendor won’t do! :smiley:

Paul WOW! I can hardly see through the tears to type .
My sides hurt .


Here is what scumbag NAHI didn’t want their members to read:


Whuddid he say. . ? :-k

Damn it NICK…take MY lead on this…I am ALL knowing it seems…

You should have posted the following :

Here is what DoucheBag NAHI didn’t want their members to read:


I’m not a person who regularly uses mean-spirited words like “scumbag” so if someone can come up with a more accurate adjective to describe scumbag NAHI… I’ll switch to it.

Hi. Nick;

I translated the word scumbag to French and it said “Conard”, when translated back to English it meant Idiot.

Since “conard” does not sound as demeaning, and means the same, maybe you should use that.
My interpretation of conard would be as = conniving, crooked, unethical, crooked, corrupted, deceiving, misguiding , and the rest is left up to you for description.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :wink:

their loss.

scum (skum) n. 1…impure matter… * 2*…refuse or dross… 3…refuse or worthless matter. 4. An element of society…regarded as being vile or worthless.

I’d say you got it just about right on!!

I have attended many NACHI Chapter meetings with Nick, picked him up at airports and driven with him to many of these, spent hours with him and not once has he ever asked me not to attend any other association’s meetings or conferences. Yes Nick is competitive, but not to the point of being [FONT=Times New Roman]vindictive. Thanks Nick for everything you do and it makes me appreciate NACHI even more.[/FONT]

Lorne Steiner, CEO
Porter Valley Software, Inc.
By the way, I forgot my login password, hence the “Please Note…” above <g>.

Guys -

Lets stay focused here. I train. ITA will not allow me to exhibit at their shows. Attend yes, exhibit - no. ASHI in the past would have not allowed NACHI or NAHI to set up exibit booths at their shows. If one of NAHI or NACHI’s Officers had wanted to set up a vendor booth at ASHI’s show - who knows. So lets not condemn one group when others are in the same boat.

Keith… you yet another reason why I remain proud to
be a NACHI member. Keep up the good work and
wear your wounds as a badge of honor.