Real State Companies charging referral fees they call it Concierge List

Major real estate companies (EXIT Realty, Coldwell Banker) charging fees to put home inspectors on their referral list. Do these companies not make enough money charging commissions! Real estate companies are creating their own little monopoly. They get three to six inspectors paying anywhere from $150 to $300 a month. If you’re not on the list the agent can’t give out your card, nor will your card be available at the main office for hand out to walk in clients.

This is not only wrong but will lead the new home buyers down a path for an inside deal for inspections. Realtors will now be leading the home inspector so they can stay on the list.

Just another hand in the pockets of a small America business. Just another payoff in the USA.

What’s your thoughts?

Did you expect scumbags not to be scumbags?

Step one…If you find any inspectors on that list that belong to ASHI or NACHI, turn them in to the appropriate ethics committee and have them booted out of their association for an ethics violation.

Step two … Market the list to consumers as an official list of unethical home inspectors who are ineligible for membership in any legitimate national association due to their payment of kickbacks to real estate agents.

This has been going on for years and years. It goes against most home inspection association code of ethics. As he said, report those inspectors to their associations.

It also puts the realtor in a bad position. If there is ever a law suit and they referred the inspector, they are just as liable for a missed item as the inspector.

By the way, you have no one to really blame. After all it is the inspectors who are willing to whore themselves out

I like the hell out of step 2!

Let’s be clear on this, it’s not the agents. It’s the major real estate companies. I had a call last week from Keller Williams Realty now they are about to start this program themselves.

They will be marketing the so called program to all services

Termite company
Title companies
Finance companies
Home inspectors

Is anyone else starting to see this, we all need to know.

This needs to be stop before the ball gets rolling. We will all be answering to the real estate companies to get work, and having to pay them.

Real estate companies $100000.00 Dollars sale pays $6000 to $7000

Home Inspection company $325 to $375

Termite Company $65 to $100

**And the Major Real estate Companies want more! **

This needs to be looked into by the DBPR and NACHI needs to back us up…

You are correct, it does need to get to the DBPR as this is an illegal activity.
Notify Rick Morrison or go straight to Ken Lawson. They will usually act on information referred to them.

I doubt that :roll:

K W is doing it in my hood. I was offered the so call opportunity (Prefer Vendor) TWO YEARS AGO. I send them to pound sand. However, others did not.

They push their prefer vendor to their clients. You pay a FEE, brings donuts/pastries’ to the meetings + more…How about that?? I know of at least one that is a INACHI member that took the position. Do you think that DBPR or INACHI can do anything to stop this practice??? I doubt…

NACHI has a position and has for sometime.

It forbids its members from participating. So does ASHI. Don’t be afraid to turn in the offenders and exploit their shame and the unethical stain that their expulsion will have on their business record.

When someone refers to the list, respond “You do realize that an inspector must violate his code of ethics to join in with real estate salesmen and participate in that collusion, don’t you? I’m not that hard up for business. I wonder why they are.”

So I guess what your saying is the real estate companies are pimps?
So you have been sitting back and watching this going on for years, it’s sounds like your part of the problem.


468.8319 Prohibitions; penalties.— (1) A person may not: (a) Effective July 1, 2011, practice or offer to practice home inspection services unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.
(b) Effective July 1, 2011, use the name or title “certified home inspector,” “registered home inspector,” “licensed home inspector,” “home inspector,” “professional home inspector,” or any combination thereof unless the person has complied with the provisions of this part.
© Present as his or her own the license of another.
(d) Knowingly give false or forged evidence to the department or an employee thereof.
(e) Use or attempt to use a license that has been suspended or revoked.
(f) Perform or offer to perform any repairs to a home on which the inspector or the inspector’s company has prepared a home inspection report. This paragraph does not apply to a home warranty company that is affiliated with or retains a home inspector to perform repairs pursuant to a claim made under a home warranty contract.
(g) Inspect any property in which the inspector or the inspector’s company has any financial or transfer interest.
(h) Offer or deliver any compensation, inducement, or reward to any broker or agent therefor for the referral of the owner of the inspected property to the inspector or the inspection company.
(i) Accept an engagement to make an omission or prepare a report in which the inspection itself, or the fee payable for the inspection, is contingent upon either the conclusions in the report, preestablished findings, or the close of escrow.

(2) Any person who is found to be in violation of any provision of this section commits a misdemeanor of the first degree, punishable as provided in s. 775.082 or s. 775.083.
History.—s. 2, ch. 2007-235; s. 20, ch. 2010-106; s. 12, ch. 2010-176; s. 8, ch. 2011-222.

When you turn in the violating INACHI member(s) to the ethics committee, INACHI will ensure that it has no members on that list.

Where do I find info on the ethics committee … Thanks … Roy

What info do you need, Roy? If I can help, I will, or you can contact the chairman, Joe Farsetta.

*Thanks James I found the info and It looks to me to be a farce . *
How can a member of this committee violate the rules of common decency .

  • Why should I and others have to put this member on our ignore list because of his continuing harassment *
    Looks like no improvements have been made to this committee .
  • They do as they please and there is no appeal Sounds more like it is still a dictatorship *](
Ethics and Standard of Practice Committee

Members of the Ethics and Standard of Practice Committee are:

  • Joe Farsetta, Chairman
  • Erby Crofutt
  • Jim Bushart
  • Michael Larson
  • Stephen Stanczyk
  • Peter Russell

From Ethics and Standard of Practice Committee - InterNACHI

Same old crap.

Roy feels wronged by the ethics committee and has never gotten over it.:roll:

You have good reason, IMO, to feel as you do regarding the person you are referring to and many others (like myself) will agree with you but it really has no bearing on this case. BTW, your list is incomplete.

In this particular infraction that we are discussing, the action would probably not be a “committee” issue, anyway. If you have a NACHI member in your area who is paying to play … provide a link to the list to the committee chairman and, as are about 99.9% of all other issues that are brought to him, he will take the necessary action without ever involving the “committee”. The “committee” is only called into play (in whole or in part) at the invitation of the chairman when he needs assistance or input. I cannot see him needing anyone’s “assistance” or “input” when he has the link to the list with the violating member’s name on appearing on it.

It is a pretty cut and dried issue that needs little or no discussion. If you are a member and you paid to get on the list, you violated the code of ethics.

I’m sure that the offending member will be given a choice to remove himself immediately from the list or face expulsion and the outcome will be be the result of his choices.

[quote=“jbushart, post:18, topic:66524”]

You have good reason, IMO, to feel as you do regarding the person you are referring to and many others (like myself) will agree with you but it really has no bearing on this case.


I almost agree with you James except How can a person who has zero ethics sit in Judgment of others . as I said the esop was and still is not well run… Roy

In this case, Roy, there is no one “sitting in judgment”. There are no conflicting sets of facts to sort, testimonies to consider or rules to interpret.

There is simply a list with a name on it.

I am not dismissing your valid remarks concerning certain folks who are on the ethics committee. I am saying that it is extremely likely that action will be taken on a complaint regarding this type of infraction without the use of the committee, but by its chairman and Nick.