Special deal on E&O insurance for InterNACHI members.


Nick, what is the deal? Did not find anything relating to InterNACHI on the website.

Apply to find out. Really good deal. http://www.nachi.org/insurance

Nick, I had them call me, do I get same deal on phone as thru this site?

Yes. Did you find them to be very competitive?

they left message, i called back and left message, will try to hook up tomorrow.

OK. Report back here please.

Be sure to apply using the link or mention it when you call so I can guarantee the premier pricing for InterNACHI members. I am confident in The InspectoPro Insurance program’s ability to provide the best coverage at the best price

I had them give me a quote. Very great rate for better coverage than we currently had…definately need to check this out. We are switching our coverage.

I too just got coverage through Inspectorpro. Found them very competitive and very helpful. Thanks.

Jeremiah writes:

Humberto writes:

Good to know guys. Thanks.

If the price is so great why not tell us what it is guys.

I switched to InspectorPro Insurance this year and paid $1785.89 for $300,000 E&O + GL
I used to be with US Risk and paid $2649 but they covered a couple more things i wished InspectorPro covered like Chinese drywall and GL was for $1M coverage.

Check out Citadel Insurance Services and their Inspector Pro Insurance Program.
Will Colton does what he promises, working on your behalf, at a great price.

(I cannot say the same for an outfit from MA.)

Chinese drywall is not excluded from our policy at this time. Give me a call and we can discuss this. I believe your coverage is more broad and inclusive than what you had with us risk. Who is your agent with InspectorPro? I will make sure we have a detailed discussion regarding this coverage.

I have read many guys paying closer to $1,000.
Seems like a rip till there is full disclosure by the industry insurers.

How many payouts and for how much as such records are kept or they could never fix a payment amount.
Till then it whatever they can squeeze out of you for maximum profit.Wave as they sail by in their new boats.:slight_smile:

I agree and there are questions on the applications that have baffled me.

Especially theses two:

  1. Estimated annual revenue from inspections? (Numbers Only)

    	 			 				14. Gross annual revenue for the current year? (Numbers Only)

Those were also on applications from 2 other insurance companies I got quotes from.

Aaron Menlove is my agent. Here is the email I got from him on Feb. 23

And the reply:

So, either way I read, whether I get EAVES or not, Chinese Drywall is still not included.
I’ll give you a call tomorrow afternoon.

I know, they’re on most, if not all.

Always wondered if insurance companies based individual premiums on the their yearly income?