10% E&O insurance discount for InterNACHI members on Pool, Radon, Commercial, etc.

We’re proud to partner with Nick and InterNachi to provide a highly competitive, new Home Inspectors Insurance Program. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Rates start as low as $1,256 for $250k in coverage. Add in the InterNachi discount and you could be paying less than $1,200 for your insurance. You can contact me at khealy@fortbakerins.com , or call at 415-578-4606.

Kevin, your site says you write insurance in AZ and CA can you write insurance in all states?:cool:

Since the launch of the new program I’ve been swamped with new quote requests. I have a new website going up, and haven’t updated the old one. We can write policies in AZ, CA, CO, FL, LA, NV, OR, PA, TN, TX.
We will write in CT, GA, ID, IL, MD, MT, NC, NJ, NM, NY, SC, UT and WA after the New Year.

We’re in the process of rebuilding our website with the new program included. Rather than update the old one we’ve decided to go all new.
We are licensed in the following States: AZ, CA, CO, FL, LA, NV, OR, PA, TN, TX.

We are adding the following States after the New Year: CT, GA, ID, IL, MD, MT, NC, NJ, NM, NY, SC, UT, WA


Can you beat the good folks over at http://greia.org? What would you charge for a 1Mill dollar policy and what would it cover? The deductible would be $2500.

That is a lot of deductible. I don’t have stats, but I bet $2500 would settle 99% of all complaints instantly.

With the demands I’m seeing from plaintiff attorney’s these days, I’m not sure that $2500 will warrant a settlement… It’s getting ugly…

Ben, FREA members should take our Customer Service and Communication for Inspectors course.](http://www.nachi.org/customer-service-communication.htm)

$2500 to $5000 is pretty much the norm for most places I checked out. If you guys know any different please let me know. Please post for those over 3 yrs in business and under. Prices vary as we all know.

Ben, isn’t FREA $1,000? I don’t actually know.

Not just FREA members. All inspectors should take that. With the claims I’m seeing lately, I’m noticing a couple of things. First, it’s imperative to get back to a disgruntled client quickly and try your best to show concern for their gripe no matter how ridiculous it might be.

Second, I think it’s pretty safe to say that contractors do a wonderful job of whipping the inspector under the bus. I’ve seen 5 claims recently where the home buyer had a contractor come in to the house and say, “Oh, the home inspector totally should’ve have caught that…” I’m guessing the home inspector A. does not understand the scope of the inspection. And B. will say what he/she needs to say to get the job right there.

Third, home buyers seem to think that the terms and conditions in the pre-inspection agreement really don’t mean anything. I got a letter from a plaintiff’s attorney today asking for 55K to replace a new roof that my insured inspected back in 2006. In his PIA, it explicitly states that he must be given the opportunity re-inspect before any work is done. I’m looking forward to the phone call with that attorney tomorrow. I had another home buyer tell one of my insured’s, “I don’t care what the contract says, you screwed up… And you need to have your insurance pay for this.”

Finally, roof issues, water penetration, and consequential mold damage continue to be the major claims magnets.


Yes, our deductible is $1,000. And yes, you will find other carriers out there who are less expensive. If it’s price and price only that inspectors are interested in, then we probably won’t be the best option. But I’d make damn sure you know who is responsbile for paying claims and how good they are with claims management. FREA and one or two other providers have been doing this the longest because our claims management is top notch and this is our specialty.


What would your quote be for 1Mill for someone new to the game say 3 months experience then someone say over 3 years experience. Would your deductible be the same for both parties?

In FREA’s defense, I think you are comparing apples and oranges. Yes, it is fair to compare rates just like consumers would shop rates when choosing a home inspector… but when looking for insurance, one must look at how claims are handled historically (because it can adversely affect an inspectors reputation and even his ability to get re-insured). Claim handling is the most important factor in choosing inspection insurance, IMHO.

Nick I’m with one of the largest most well respected companies in America with a A+ rating. If I pay a priemium no matter what you charge, as a client I expect you to handle what you say your going to do just like our clients expect us to report the facts. Do you personally know of anyone who made a claim as a inspector to any E&O carrier and they refused to pay due to your negligence, which is why we carry it in the first place?

Largest, most well respected companies? Do you base that off what they tell you? Who is underwriting the policy and who has claims paying responsibility? Are they and admitted carrier? GREI has hardly been visible before last year and I’ll be very surprised if they continue to offer the rates you’re seeing.


I’ll pull out my paperwork this weekend to give you exact details. I based my comments off research I’ve done. I don’t buy insurance lightly. I’ve heard great things about your company as well, however, I simply think your alittle high. Thats just my opinion though. I would rather pay lower rates then a lower deductable. Again just my opinion. Hopefully I’ll never have to pay the $2500 and like Nick said most claims are under that anyway which I would just pay out of pocket before touching my insurance. I’m curious though why you won’t quote the 1Mill or answer my questions. I’m not saying GREI is the only company around. People should always search for the best coverage and price. I felt like I got both with them. And that’s why I like to tell people about them.

Billy, if they are one of the

why are they trying to sell out to lil’ ol’ me? They are new to the insurance game, and already trying to get me to buy them out.

GREI is simply a middle man. Who knows how long they will be around but for now I have insurance which is valid and that’s what matters to me. From what I’m told they had no plans to sell to you. They simply wanted to join forces which I think you should. It’s a good program. I’m one person you know who will shoot you straight. I wouldn’t tell people about GREI if I didn’t believe in them just like I wouldn’t tell people about NACHI if I didn’t believe in it. That’s why I was so disappointed to read your statement when you said clients should avoid all part timers.