Special InterNACHI offers from Home Gauge.


HomeGauge is currently re pricing its products to offer special discounts on websites built in WordPress and discounts on our software for InterNACHI members. Please feel free to call in with any questions, or visit www.internachigauge.com a site dedicated to INACHI and its members.


Russell Buchanan writes:


I love this template, where do I get it? I have Home Gauge But cant seem to find it. I particularly like the watermark

In your print options (print preview) select Style & Format tab and you’ll see InterNACHI-Blue on the right side (in the Styles box). Then check the box at the bottom to save format for future reports.

I am interested in purchasing the software through internachigauge at the discounted price but I would like to confirm that this is the lastest version of the software. It says it’s version 5 but on the HomeGauge main website it says they are currently on version 5.1 is this one and the same or do I need to pay the extra $100 to get the most current version?

Hi Justin,
the decimal points after a whole number are free upgrades and you will get the latest version when you download from the link at www.internachigauge.com

If you end up liking our HG Services it includes whole number upgrades. You will always be able to get the decimal point upgrades of the version you purchase.

When you are ready to purchase…the Inspector Outlet store at INACHI has our best price.

Thank you!

Russell writes:

Here is the link at Inspector Outlet: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/homegauge.aspx

Hi Russell, thanks for the reply. I tried to buy the software today from inspector outlet but it seems to be bugged or something. Everytime I’d try to add the software to my cart it said to select a product option first. I had selected the discounted inter nacho price option and clicked the checkbox to accept the terms but it wouldn’t work. I sent an email to customer service but have yet to recieve a response. Any advice?

Uhh…InterNACHI price, not nacho…iPhone autocorrect fail!

Justin, sounds like you’re using Internet Explorer. It’s an issue our website provider has had with IE where it won’t recognize our dropdown menu. I’ve been asking them to fix it for months but no luck. It’s one of the main reasons we’re switching to a new system.

Use something like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, and you won’t have any issues at all. IE has plenty of other bugs and problems these days, I would not recommend ever using it if you have a choice.

Thanks i’ll try another browser.

I was able to purchase the software using google chrome. Completed my purchase but I didn’t see anything to allow me to download the software? I figured there would be a link or some sort of code for home gauge website. How do I get the software now that i’ve paid for it?