HomeGauge® only $1 for InterNACHI members


Do existing user get Home Gauge free? I just got the monthly invoice and t did not reflect any savings.

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So much for FREE!

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What do you mean?

As an existing user of HG, I can tell you that I have already looked at the web writer and found it to be completely worthless to me. It requires an internet connection, which in my area is not always available. It’s another worthless exciting update from HG.

What we need them to offer is a platform that actually benefits the end users… you know, us the inspectors who use it.

I have so many times lost entire reports on the companion software that it has cost me over $4k in lost revenues over the time I have used it. They have never spent the time to work with apple for the iOS users.

I’ve been paying for another platform, and have been holding out hopes that HG would work out the problems, but they just don’t seem to prioritize it. For years… they just don’t seem to care. On top of it, the companion product falls behind nearly every competitor with the multiple steps required to get a report out.

I do think even for me, this deal offers benefits in the CCPIA and CMI (if you don’t already have it) which should make even someone who hates HG appreciate the other benefits. At least that’s how I’m looking at it.

For the HG partnership, it seems that the web writer is free, and I get no discount as an existing user who doesn’t want to convert to yet another worthless platform brought to me by HG. So myself and all other existing users who don’t convert get zero discount. Is that correct, or will my account billing change from the $69 to the new fee structure even though I won’t be using web writer? The whole announcement lacks that clarity.

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I thought I was the only one who said that about them…too many “updates” that no one asked for or uses.

Hi Brant - as a Web Report Writer user you can request to access the beta for the iOS app now. It will be released from beta in September, with the Android app version released from beta in October. These brand new apps will provide offline support for web report writer.

Bottom line is once again, another exciting worthless update from HG.

It’s not available now, and nobody has the info on how it is to operate once released. The only thing that has been consistent with their support team, has been that it requires a web connection. That is to say once it is released from beta, it still requires a web connection. Thats the information I’ve been given on multiple calls to HG support to let them know I’d prefer if we had a working platform over another new non working platform.

Not really sure who you are, or why you believe something other than what HG has related to me, but I can only go off of what information they have given me directly.

The new web writer is a waste of time, and not a functional program for me. It definitely wont offer anything advantageous over the existing platforms. “However…” “in the future…” just like we always hear from them about iOS compatibility and everything else. I won’t be wasting my time on it.


It’s an app. It works on the planet Mars.

So in a roundabout way I think you finally answered the question concerning this free offer, or now a one dollar offer. It’s all about Web Writer, that very few existing homegauge users want anything to do with because it is definitely not an improvement from the original desktop/companion version.

I’ve looked at and played around with web writer, as I personally know many others have. It would take at least twice as long to complete a report compared to the original homegauge.


Not from what I was told. That was when I last called because companion completely disappeared my entire inspection. Companion is an app too. It doesn’t always work on planet earth…


I think I am in the same boat as you. I like the desktop software, I own and use it everyday. I hope they continue to support it. Web writer is not the way I want to go. Besides, what happens if there is an internet outage? (happens a lot in my area). My client will not be impressed. Nor will my cell phone hot spot data usage.

For me, I have no interest in using my cell phone to write reports. Sometimes I have 3 days of report writing for my commercial jobs…imagine that on a cell.


Tried homeguage early on. Was too technical and customer service was not much help. I still used my backup system and never published one report in 3 months with Homeguage. Tried HIP same deal.
Not very tech or computer savvy. Spectora has worked almost flwlessly for years now and great customer service and updates.

With so many negative comments typical of here, I want to give my take on Web Writer, so inspectors can see another opinion. In essence, Web Writer is a remake of Home Hub Zone. As a past HHZ user and now beta Web Writer user, I find the format made a huge improvement to the ease that my clients can understand a thorough report. Feedback on my reports using this format is they are no longer considered bulky and cumbersome; the important items were easy to identify. Writing the report was very fast too, meaning good income using HHZ. HG took that format and is incorporating it in to Web Writer. There are a lot of missing pieces still; no Android app being a big one. Not able to inspect by room on an app, yet report by system. Currently it’s clunky and more time consuming to write a report. I think their announcement is premature, thus resulting in negative reviews here and elsewhere. Assuming it gets to where HHZ was, with the improvements that HG is adding, I believe it will be a dynamite reporting program for those who like to report by system. I abandoned HIP after a few years for HHZ. HG Companion did not work for me. Spectora was close, but difficult to report by system and had a poor summary system compared to HHZ. That’s my take, but I’ve been using the HHZ format, am familiar with it, and find it preferable for me…

Did this requirement to be hooked up to the internet to write an inspection report come about after December of 2017 when the home insurance carrier bought HG?

It is not currently a requirement for me. I own the desktop software and they are continuing to support this. But webwriter is new, so yes after 2017. First it was companion (mobile software) and now this webwriter which is either still in Beta or just coming out of Beta. I have never been interested in webwiter and I have valid concerns they are going to phase out desktop software support.

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