Specialty Tools and Methods

Hello I am very interested in any specialty tools or methods those of you who test Stucco on Block and Wood / Wirelath. Also interested in efis stuff that my be usable.

I installed stucco and wirelath most of my life but never went behind my crews to check exact thickness on block or wood. We always just laid it on thick and even on each coat and made the wall straight.

We were tested many times according to builders and never had an issue in over 30 years.

I will be doing a lot of Stucco inspections both phase and on complete buildings real soon. I am mainly looking for ways and tools that make the job easier, safer, shows clear results and can be patched easily. Stucco thickness will be the main concern on finished buildings, which is what I need the most advice on. Application technique and mix will be observed to meet astm standards and job site scope, which is second nature basically for me.

Please post any tools tip or techniques you have used successful. I do remember a few times in the old days when they would just bust a hole with a hammer and measure it that way but that does not work well with wirelath as it gets bent and smashed :frowning:

Any and all tips, hints, links, etc… would be greatly appreciated.

Exterior Design Institute (EDI) for training / Certification

Tools … Delmhorst BD-2100 for probing; Tramex Wet Wall for non-invasive

The Stucco / EIFS moisture probing kits most tool vendors sell & good caulk & good ladders

HI Dan, does the Tramex wet wall also work on stucco? Is the wire mesh a problem? Would you recommend a kit like this?



When I bought my surveymaster protimeter it came with some probing rods I’m hoping it would be enough, what do you think?


Maybe what I’m missing is the heavy-duty pin-type probe. I already have a surface thermometer. I’m hoping I pretty much have what I need.


Thanks guys those are great for moisture and such but they want to know about thickness ore at this time. theory is if applied correctly and thick enough it should not get wet :slight_smile:

There’s some good links/info in this thread.

Please add to it as you can. Thanks.

Note: Add the word(s) ‘Stucco/EIFS’ to the title of your thread to make it more searchable!

Btw… get your terminology straight… it is EIFS… NOT EFIS!

Damn Dyslexia…

On hard coat we drill / then probe.

I have a protimeter as a back-up BUT its not industry standard in lawsuits.

Thanks Dan, the Tramex Wet Wall is more powerful?

What do you think of this kit?



Do you do that on wood / wire lath as well? I imagine it would take a light touch.

On stucco the protimeter is only good as a probe. It does NOT do what the Tramex Wet Wall does.