Stucco Inspection

Om Monday I’m doing an inspection on a stucco house. Customer asked if I did a stucco inspection and I told him that was part of the whole house inspection. Any suggestions on what to look for when inspecting. Also what is a good way to tell stucco apart from EFIS. Thanks David Lee

Thanks for advice


Here’s an excellent Powerpoint presentation…

Stucco hurts if you rap your knuckles on it.
EIFS is softer, kind of like Mr. Charmin.
A knock on stucco (use a screwdriver handle) sounds solid.
A knock on EIFS sounds holld.
Fortunately, stucco is so cheap here that only commercial buildings resort to EIFS.

EIFS is generally installed on foam backing board (EPS or extruded) that is glued to a substrate. Check the bottom of the system. If you can feel finish texture on the bottom, or, if they do it there like they do it here, just plain old foam or mesh (BAD BAD BAD) then it’s pretty likely that it’s EIFS. It is typically softer, but sometimes a heavier mesh is used (Panzer is Dryvit’s version) and it can get pretty hard.

Give ‘em my number if it’s EIFS. I’ll come to Florence, if for no other reason than to chuckle at the ol’ water tower.

Stucco also quite often has cracks. The wood in behind can expand and contract in varying temperatures unlike the stucco which then will crack.

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Check this one…

…and in Cincinnati, there is Miberg Technologies. He was an expert witness in the Dryvit court cases. Call me, I’ll get you in touch with him…