Spider bite

Interesting article. I had no idea a black widow could cause this much damage.


That’s some scary stuff right there. I hate those critters, and unfortunately, there are a lot of crawl spaces around here.

I have more fear of those than snakes!


wow! scary stuff

I had a sister that had no eye brow because of a spider bite a nasty scar above her eye.

If your gona run with the big dogs ya gotta git off the porch. Whats a little spider come ride with me I will have ya using cactus for toilet paper and wearing rattle snakes for a neck tie. We might even walk a 12X12 roof or two;-):stuck_out_tongue:

This gentleman deserves better, no doubt about it. A working man that was ignored, mis-diagnosed and his family now lives well below even poverty. Not right at all.

I’ve received a number of painful spider bites here, but no comparison to the horror this man and his family endured.

hmmm cactus for toilet paper…well that could explain Your mood some days…

Ha, Ha, Ha!..good one, Jim.:mrgreen:

And a tip o’ the hat to you, too, Charley. :smiley: …rattle snake ties? Heck, I didn’t figure you for a tie man, at all. :shock:

That is a bummer. :shock:

That is hilarious, Michael. :smiley:

Be sure to read InterNACHI’s article Venomous Pests: Inspectors Beware.

Amen to that. I need to send him a bill for a new tablet cause I just spewed coffee all over mine :smiley:

Melaluca is a unique oil that goes beneath the skin and will dissolve the poison in various insect bites. It does many other things but it is the most powerful remedy I have ever seen for spider bites and other types of poison bites. I have used it for many years. Do not use any other brand than the one on the link I provided. It is the most powerful made. Other brands do not even come close to providing the fast results.


I get my fair share and more of spider and bug bites, I’m gonna carry in truck and give a whirl.


I’ve done some reading on this tonight and I am not convinced that a black widow or any spider can cause these symptoms. I think the key word in the story is, “where Jenkins believes a black widow spider bit the 31-year-old exterminator seven years ago.”
Bite symptoms: http://www.webmd.com/first-aid/tc/black-widow-spider-bite-topic-overview%between%

Here’s another spider story

A brown recluse spider is hell, for sure.

I may just wipe with cactus…maybe even use the rattle snake tie.

I’ll never walk a 12x12 roof!! I’ll use Bob’s camera pole idea!! :smiley:

Sorry, Joshua, but it’s a true story! I really hate spiders!!!

John, I also use Melalueca oil, it is great stuff. I think I am going to carry it in my tool bag on inspections after hearing about this article on spider bites!