Black Widows everywhere

Went out to do a simple foundation inspection for an engineer… figure I would be finished with it in about 20 minutes or so…got inside only to find darn black widows everywhere. End up there for over an hour as a result of cautiousness.

I think I need to come up with an additional fee for crap like that. :neutral:

Snakes, rats and other critters I don’t mind… I just hate spiders, or at least being in a confined place with them.

Not a big Black Widow fan myself

yeah… the only spider I fear more is the Brown Recluse… it does some serious damage. I pretty much suit up anymore when I go into crawlspaces.

I came out of a crawl space a couple of years ago with the termite guy. He said, “you’ve got a spider on your neck.”

I said, “get it OFF!”

It was a black widow. Blessed I wasn’t bitten. He was just along for the ride, I guess.

Now think about that next time you go in the crawl space!

Those spiders don’t like you either. Their eight eyes, except for the recluses, make them eight times more likely to not like you.

So, I think your fee should be at least eight times as much, unless you want to count the spiders while you are down there.:mrgreen:

Take care and remember that they are really not out to get. Use caution and stay safe.

Hey Joe !

I feel that God gave me the wisdom to say " NO " to any crawlspace, or tight spot, that even looks like it may have spiders, snakes, or anything else that bites, stings or brings grief of any kind. My life is simply worth more than that. I shiver even at the thought of being enclosed with a bunch of spiders.

I have read that the male black widows are not the ones that bite… its the females…which all things considered, all females species are typically the root of most problems. :slight_smile: