Spikes for radon

I have just completed all the required courses for my radon license in my state and I had a question. What do people use to do there spike tests. I understand I need to do 3 for every 100 tests but I am not sure on how to do them. I am going to start out with Air Chek and move to a electronic monitor when I get enough business to justify the expense. I am sure that Air Chek could probably answer my question but I am in the middle of making my QAP and was hoping for an answer before Monday if anybody could help I would really appreciate it.



Hover your mouse over “Bowser-Morner”.

Thanks for the info I found that I was just not sure if that is what everybody used.

my stuff goes to bowser-morner for performance checks

I am going to give them a call tomorrow thanks. Does anybody know about how much it will cost to do spike tests of a charcoal canister from air chek? Like I said I will be calling them tomorrow but if somebody wants to answer I would appreciate it.


I spoke with Jill at Bowser Morner
937-236-8805 ext 249

I sent my CRM for performance checking, not sure what the fee / set up is for spike checks. I pay $150 plus shipping the unit.

I’m just going to throw this out there since you haven’t submitted your QA plan yet, but I would recommend going ahead and starting with a continuous monitor. I just purchased two Sun Nuclear 1028 monitors and they are so simple to use. I debated between Air-Chek and a Continuous monitor, but having to mail samples all the time seemed like a hassle. (Also, have you checked to see how much it will actually cost you to ship it?) Before making my final decision, I spoke with several real estate agents and they like the immediate results versus waiting for the extra day or two. Not to mention I personally think it looks more professional to have a monitor versus a charcoal kit that any homeowner can buy from Lowes. Just my opinion, but thought I’d throw it out to you. Good luck in whatever you decide.

Hello thank you for your input I guess update I am going to go to the continuous monitor. The profit margin is non existent for me with my drive time to go with Air Chek by the time you figure all the blank and spikes and dups into it.

BTW you still have Radon coming soon on the bottom of your first page.

Thanks for the heads up on the website. I just recently got my certification and I thought I had all of them switched. I still don’t even have my radon page 100% done yet, been busy. Also, I recommend ordering your equipment as soon as possible because it takes a few weeks if you go through Sun Nuclear. If you get a Radstar 300, they can have it to you within a day or two. You’ll need the equipment before you can send in the QA for a continuous monitor because you need the serial #s and operating manuals.