Need some Radon Monitoring feedback

Hi all,
I need some recomendations for radon monitoring. I have been using the LS cannisters (mail to lab) and it is just taking to long for impatient real estate agents (2 days after lab receives the samples). Any help on a lab that does the test quicker. Or - Continueous Monitoring - does anyone have used equipment to sell? or recomendations? I am just hestant about the $650^ price for the 1027. Open to suggetions. Thanks,
Bob Cox

Overnight the kits for next day results. Use two. Contact Air-Chek for more info. 1-800-AirChek. (Airchek) is what I use. $25 per test (2EA) then $24 to ship. Next business day results. Lab is not open Sat or Sun.

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Call EMSL (in Denver- 23 miles from Parker) and speak with their customer service people. They are all awesome. There is no reason you can’t drop off and get next day results, as they have the Radon Lab on-site. NO sending to another state for analysis!

Hi Bob,

I have been using the Radstar CM for a couple of years now and love it. I previously used the canisters and sent to a lab. You do have a larger upfront cost; however, the convenience in my opinion cannot be beat. I know I get some referrals simply because I us a CM and can produce the results on site. Only on going fee is yearly calibration, $125 a year. My only regret with the CM is that I did not switch to it sooner. :smiley:

The only issues with using monitors is that if you do several homes at once, you have to purchase several monitors, a large cost. I do several each day, along with larger buildings, electronic monitors cannot be used economically for me. As your business grows, you may have to use kits only. Monitors are just not economical, IMO.

I totally agree. I do on average 12+ per week many times twice that amount. It is a no brainer for me.


I use Radalink Air cats. Because they have the data proving they are the most accurate meaurement device available.

If they move the device it shows
If they open the house for an extended period of time, it shows.
It is a Blue tooth device and I get the results, typically within minutes. Sometimes if it a huge problem I can call and get the results ASAP.

Please take the time out and choose what is right for you and the image you want to project. What I use may not be what you need.

But always, always look at what the competition is doing and try to surpass it. If I am talking to a Realor and packing up my equipment and a text comes in and I give here the results ASAP. Who do you think she is going to call for her next Radon test and probably inspection?

NEVER ever look at what best suits YOU, look at what best suits the client and then use it.

Great information - I can hand deliver the test samples. The lab test is the way I need to go for now - as my business reserves grow, then I maybe able to consider a CM - but for now the cash outlay is more realistic for the lab tests. Thanks for the helpful infomation!
48 hour results no expensive equipment to leave on site. I have been using them for several months now.

Same here and if you happen to use HG, report automatically uploads next to your inspection report from the lab.