Splice Connector Under Breaker Terminal

My initial reaction is that this is not ok, but I figured I’d check what others think. These breakers (on a 1978 Westinghouse electric furnace) feed the heating elements.

If that is factory wiring then it should be fine as shown.

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What is factory wiring? Breakers do not come prewired from the factory. I can tell from here that that breaker is not rated to be double tapped.

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That double lug connection is the load side of the breaker. Field wiring is almost always on the line side of the breaker which would be the connection to the terminal in the top of the photo. Some additional photo’s would be helpful.

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As I initial suspected the double lug is factory wiring. If the unit is UL listed it is not an issue.


I had a suspicion that this was the case, which is why I paused to ask before calling it a defect. That you Robert, I appreciate your help.

You’re welcome. It is not uncommon to see all types of crazy things when it comes to factory wiring. The NEC has one set of rules for field wiring but they do not always apply to factory wiring done by the manufacturer. It was good of you to question it. :sunglasses:


Doesn’t matter, the manufacturer paid to have it tested that way and it passed.