Split bus double tap

I noted several issues with this split bus electrical panel but there is one issue I would like some help with.The 70 amp breaker for the lower breakers is double tapped. Simple question, Why? What would the thinking behind this be?

Simply out of breaker space and using the lighting main to power additional circuits.

Interesting find, do you have a cat # for that panel because the spit bus conductors appear to be factory.

Also there are many other violations besides the double tap including more than 6 throws of the hand for the main circuit breakers.

What additional circuits? All conductors on the double tap go to the bottom (lighting) bus.

I found no labeling for the panel. Yes, I noted the other defects, just didn’t understand this double tap as all conductors run to the bottom of the lighting circuit.Could the double tap be powering the added breakers on the right?

There are 6 added 20 amp breakers in the panel that are just for 6 outlets in the basement. Each breaker powers one outlet.
And another oddity is that there a 3 GFCI outlets and 3 non GFCI outlets. All basement outlets.

Interesting find. I have no insights for you. Both pairs definitely feed the lighting circuits.

At least you have plenty of other things that warrant repair so it’s not like it all hinges on that alone. Just add it to the laundry list of defects along with the mixed breaker types and shared neutral from the half-height breaker in slot 6 and all the other crap…

Best guess and only a guess, it looks like two #10 wires were used because they didn’t have #6 to feed the bottom.

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Has anyone else ever seen factory parallel conductor run to the split-bus? Seems less cost effective to use four conductor instead of two when they’re typically welded to the bus.

No, I haven’t. Could this be a possible repair?

I don’t know those conductors are typically spot welded to the bus. I’d be curious to see this panel with the CB’s removed.

Numerous conductors are improperly installed. Have Licensed Electrical Contractor repair affected circuits/conductors.

I have only seen single conductors welded to the bus, never paralleled.

Same here, that’s why I find this panel to be so odd.

I’ll try and update you later if I can.