Split Buss CH panel w/Double tapped mains

Question for you sparkies. Cutler Hammer Split Buss Panel pulls from the main Service Lugs to the 2nd set of Busses terminating with lugs. I thought we couldn’t Double tap the mains…There would certainly be more than 6 hand movements to shut off panel. There are also numerous double taps, and we already talked about CH panels allow this…at least some. And multiple neutrals under the same screw. What say ye? Sorry about the bad pic.

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 1.jpg

Pic 2.jpg

Pic 3.jpg

That would be an improper modification.

They have defeated the purpose of the split-bus design, and in doing so, violated the “six-throw” rule.

This panel needs to be serviced by a qualified electrician, not the “electrician” responsible for the modifications.

I agree with every word of this post!

I agree with JP. The split bus panel is no longer wired as a split bus, and because there is no main, it is need of correction.

Hypothetically speaking, would this be legal if there were a service disconnect between the panel and the meter, and if the neutrals in the CH panel were floating and separate from the grounds?

Thanks guys, that’s how I wrote it up!

I concur with Mr Pope ( whom I swear moonlights as a very knowledgeable electrician )…:wink: