Split bus panel?

Need some help with this service panel. I am not sure if I should call this a split bus panel or a strait 60 amp service panel. It appears that the 60 amp breaker is the main disconnect for the lower breakers and not the 20 amp breaker at the top left in the panel. This would make this a split bus panel? correct? I am mildly confused with this because usually in split bus panels I see several 220 breakers at the top for a range, dryer etc… But in this panel there is only a 20 amp breaker. What say you?

The pictures don’t show much, but it does appear to be a split bus. Were you able to see where the conductors from the 60 Amp breaker landed? The panel label would have given you all the necessary info.

I agree with Jeffrey look at the panel label diagram. I also agree it appears to be a split bus. If the label is missing than you may need to remove a few CB’s to see where the bus splits. Should be top 6 single pole slots on each side for one section of bus, everything that below is fed from the CB at the top right.

Jeff, the label read "To disconnect entire service switch off all handles marked “Main” or “Main Disconnect” The 60 amp breaker was the only one labeled “Main Disconnect”
Wires from the 60 amp breaker run under the lower breakers, indicating a split bus. The one 20 amp breaker on the top left is labeled “Panel Outlet” This services the outlet near the panel.

Looks like a split bus to me. I also do not see any 2pole breakers besides the main for the lower bus. Home must have gas appliances.

Yes, gas stove, dryer, water heater and furnace