Help me understand

The first photo shows two 60 amp breakers (not labeled) at the top of the service panel. The second photo shows where the wires from those breakers go at the bottom of the panel: one from each breaker goes behind the hot bus bar and appears to be soldered to it. The other of each breaker goes up behind the plate with no indication of an exit. Since there isn’t a main breaker in this service panel, would these two 60’s be serving as a pair of main breakers? Help needed understanding this scenario. Thanks.

DSCF8969 (Small).JPG

DSCF8970 (Small).JPG

It is called a split buss panel. These usually control the main “lighting” circuits in the house. The other breakers at the top will usually control the oven, the dryer, maybe the AC. Still only requires 6 or less throws to kill all power.
Suggest you take the electrical course from NACHI (again). Will be invaluable.