Split panel?

I am almost positive that these panels are split panels but would like confirmation. Service cables coming in and secured at top lugs, OK fine. It is the smaller wires leading to the 60 amp “main disconnect” that leads me to believe it is a split bus panel. This is not a 60 amp panel. Am I correct?

Something isnt right. Split panels usually have 4-6 ‘upper’ 240 volt breakers. The bottom breaker of the upper split bus bar (60amp) feeds off the upper portion and controls the bottom 120 volt individual breakers which are on physically separated lower bus bar. Here we have the 60 amp line fed from a double lug. Im confused. Plus the set up of breakers do not look like a split panel.

This has me confused too. That is why I am asking the question.

Yes it’s a split bus panel. As Chris stated the service entrance conductors feed the top portion and the 60 amp back-fed breaker feeds the bottom portion. Do you have a photo of the panel nameplate, that should depict what the bus details looks like. Here is a similar Square D panel in my neighbors house:

Thanks Robert for the help.

Robert, great diagram inside that panel - never seen it where it controls a 120v breaker along side it. Assuming the same panel set up - would the OP foto showing a 120v in the spot of a 240v spot be ok. In the sense that its controlled not by the 60 amp ‘main’ but rather needs to be turned iff manually. Still fits the 6 hand throw rule but sort of misleading