Split open

While performing a HI today, the current home owner was present with her two small children.

Just as I began my interior inspection I hear a hair raising cry. The young lady had a towel over her child’s head and a look of panic in her eyes as she approached me for help. As I’m dressing the three year old she asks if I could drive her to the ER. She tossed me the keys and out the door we went!

In route she told me to go back to the house and she would call me when the doctors were finished. It was uncertain if he had sustained head trama beyond the visiblely obvious 2" gash in his forehead.

The young toddler is doing fine and the wound is closed.

As I was finished I received the call that the doctor had released the boy. On our way back from the hospital she calls the realtor and asks that I perform her inspection.

It was really nice to hear someone say I trust you! :smiley:

Job well done.

Good Job!!!

Observation: carpet stained with what appears to be blood. Recommend professional cleaning or replacement of rug. 😧
Yeah , thats not right
Seriously though, great job being a helpful decent human being 👍