Just returned from a relocation inspection. Ya know, in this business, every once in a while something happens that makes it all worth while. And it is usually something small.

In the course of the walk through after the inspection I pointed out that we had notice “'suspected microbial growth” in the crawl space. The husband wanted to see how much we had found so, in I went again for a quick look with him.

Upon emerging from the hole the man commented to his wife that he was very happy that the realtor who offered my service along with some others had told them that if they wanted the “elite” in home inspection services they should call HOMEWISE! They chose the “elite”. I could hardly hold back the grin. (This may be the biginning of a whole new marketing plan and of course a price increase!)

Some days it’s just all worth while! Oh and yes, there will be swabbing and air quality testing on Monday. Another nice perk.
Best to all,
TS:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

Wasy to go Tom!! Sounds like your takin care of business in your neck of the woods. Keep up the good work.