Spot the water heater defect - test time

See anything wrong? Hint: the pan drain pipe is not the issue.


Is that a pipe clamp screwed into the water heater? Can’t tell for sure from the pic.

That’s not the issue.

Who in the world would put a water heater on , what looks to be a wood floor, and from looking at the door it looks like a closet door. where is the water heater located ?

It’s in a laundry room. A water heater can be on any surface as long as its in a pan.


“P2801.5 Required pan. Where a storage tank-type water
heater or a hot water storage tank is installed in a location
where water leakage from the tank will cause damage, the
tank shall be installed in a galvanized steel pan having a
material thickness of not less than 0.0236 inch (0.6010 mm)
(No. 24 gage), or other pans approved for such use. Listed
pans shall comply with CSA LC3.”


Oatley makes one like the one in your pic.

Pvc on tpr

That pan “meets the requirements of the Southern Building Code”. :neutral: Who users that anymore?

Show me a plastic pan that meets CSA LC3. Show me *any *pan that meets CSA LC3.

Not strapped (I know, CA thing), TPR discharges into the pan (possibly another CA thing), improper material used for TPR discharge (guessing - can’t really see any markings).

That pan would be acceptable by CA standards.

Oatley is not the only mfg.

There are many plastic water heater pans made.

which one was it?

Plastic pan from earlier this week.


Where is the drip pan pipe discharging to? Is it concealed? Is there a basement underneath and piped to a drain, or is it a crawlspace where the water just discharges onto a dirt floor where moisture will build, water will pool and form mold?

Does your TPR drip on a regular basis?

It’s not supposed to.:shock:

Can you show me ANY pan that complies with CSA LC3

No, just like your roof will not leak without shingles, if it don’t rain!

So what brand was it?

How long do you think someone would allow water to discharge from the TPR before getting it fixed?

How much water would end up in the crawl space in your scenario?

Do you think mold growth is a real issue to be concerned with? I don’t.

It may sound like I’m being a smart *** but just asking people to think things through. Please don’t take offense.

Joe, your next door neighbor state(NC has this exception.