Square D bonding

…and that’s all i was saying. Just a clue for him to consider as he approaches the service panel. With a solenoid tester he could easily have verified if the panelboard enclosure was bonded to ground.

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The comment about the 3 light tester was misleading and easily misinterpreted to mean it would show whether the panel was bonded and receptacles were correctly wired. Even with a bootlegged ground the receptacles will show as properly wired which again is not true.


Sorry, but the OP asked about panel bonding. Your reply was incorrect as related to the question as asked. I simply corrected your misdirected answer.

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I believe the OP can speak for himself, in fact he did.

This is a discussion board, you are a guest, act like one.

NOT your job to correct or decide if the question was misdirected. You missed the point of the question, Your cryptic response was fairly useless.

As I have said before, here, on this forum, there are many nuggets of wisdom to choose from. Some are crap, and you can side step those (or, pick them up) and some are definitely gold which are worth picking up…(but, many sidestep those for lack of understanding).

Carry-on… :grin:

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My apologies Bob i thought the members wanted correct answers to their questions. Simply because you are a full member does not make your answers correct or immune from refute. I broke no forum rules in calling out your incorrect response.

You are also ignoring the benefits of the guest members that freely contribute their knowledge to your industry. Probably get better answers about electric rather than getting a response from a chemist.


What’s that got to do with it? You made no attempt to answer the OP’s question. The only time you chimed in was when you thought I needed to be corrected having assumed more about my post than was stated. Hardly helpful.

@rkenney Why did you ask if the receptacles were grounded? It has nothing to do with whether the panel is bonded. You then made another post that again had nothing to due with whether the panel was bonded. I simply corrected your posts so that others would not think that receptacle grounding had anything to due with panel bonding. Another poster also corrected your posts also. You were off topic asking your questions and statement about a 3 light tester and an unbonded panel.

You can continue to ignore your error, but others will see them.

Only as you’ve ignored yours.

@rkenney My statements will stand as correct whether you admit them or not. Receptacle grounding has nothing to due with a panel being bonded or ground rods. Sorry such a basic electrical concept continues to elude you.

You also failed to see that your off topic questions did nothing to answer the OPs question. But did lead to some trying to correct your misunderstanding of bonding. Sorry you did not get a better understanding of electric.

So you admit your replies were all off topic and should not have been made. Sorry you do not have a better understanding of discourse or communication. My understanding of electric is just fine, you simply can’t think outside the box. Pity.

I guess they were since they were addressing your off topic questions and replies. I certainly don’t want other inspectors to be so misinformed so i corrected your responses. So it is fine for you to ask off topic questions since you are a member?

Your understanding of basic electrical is lacking and it shows.

You might want to go back through this thread and see the questions you have failed to answer and deflected to other’s.

Did you get the last word? Had you read the response to Robert Meier you might have seen a solution to “seeing” a bonding screw not offered in other posts. But since you are so narrowly focused on being “right” and superior you missed it. Instead you needed to drag the thread in your direction to stroke your little ego. Grow up.



You don’t have enough popcorn!



Check your gps, you are lost. You obviously don’t see that this is all about your off topic question and statements even after being pointed out numerous times. I am wasting my time trying to get you to see your errors.

Does this help?




Pop corn

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