Square D breaker handle with holes for ties?

Service panel in home built in 1952. Did these breakers all come with holes in the handles? The 30 amp was tied with copper wire.

Double tap, no separation of neutrals and grounds (which are attached to wrong bus bar), stranded aluminum to top two left breakers, no box bond…

Yes, they come with holes in the handles.

copper wire? Geezz… I’m sure you commented how this was ‘unsafe’ and against manufactures instructions.

It looks like the bonding screw is missing, that empty hole in the middle of the second neutral bar (verify with diagram on inside of panel), might want to point out how dangerous this can be.

Just thinking out loud…


The holes were in handles so that two 120v breakers could be used as a 240v breaker. A rod would be inserted trhough the two handles joining them. If one side tripped, both sides tripped.

It is very common to see handles tied with 12ga copper or even nails. It was never legal but a lot of inspectors will let it go. Bear in mind, handle tied breakers, even using the listed handle tie device, that is legal, are not “common trip” breakers. It is possible for one side to trip and not bring the other side down. Some places in the code require common trip, others are OK with handle ties, preferably “legal” ones.

**240.20(B)(1) through (3): **Revised to require *identified *handle ties where they are used with individual single-pole circuit breakers.

See the definition for this term, no longer will they be OK when Approved, see that definition too.

Here Guys…this may help




I don’t think that pointy ended bobbin SqD sells is any better than a nail.

lol…not my call Greg…NEC took care of that argument in the 2002 update…lol

Does anyone (I’m afraid to ask) have a narrative to adress this situation in Colorado?

If this is the service equipment (as you stated), the grounds and neutrals must be bonded (not separated), and they can share a common bus/terminal bar. That bus must be bonded to the enclosure.

I also see (what appears to be) a bonding strap.