Square D breaker in CH panel

Does anyone know if Square D breakers are compatible with a Cutler Hammer panel? Thanks.

There are many electricians and inspectors who stand by Section 380-3(a) which states “Switches and circuit breakers shall be of the externally operable type mounted in an enclosure listed for their intended use…”. Even though the other manufacturer may make a breaker they claim will fit into this box, the panel does not list this device for the use therein.

If the CH box prohibits the use of any breaker other than CH, it is a code violation to “mix and match” no matter what others may say of “compatability”. I have an email from the President of Square D to Mike Holt explaining why his company will not honor their warranty should a box catch on fire (or otherwise not work properly) and contains anything other than a Square D breaker in it. Since CH usually prints their warning not to use another mfr breaker in their box in red, I would presume that they mean what they say, too.

Write it up.

Thanks for the input James. I did write it up.