Tandem breakers?

So does this diagram mean tandem breakers are allowed at all slots below what is showing in diagram? Top 14 slots (in diagram) can only have full size breakers? Panel label on cover does not state maximum number of circuits, could not read label inside of panel.

The diagram shows No tandems. Those are full size breaker diagram. The panel model number usually tells max breakers Either the last 2 or first 2 numbers of the model #

Example model no. GE3040B100. Means 30 spots. 40 Breakers. Aka 20 full size breakers and 10 tandems(really 20 breakers)

Thanks. I know those are full size breaker diagram/symbols. But this diagram is not showing total number of spaces/slots at bar. There is at least a total of 20 spaces, it is only showing 14.

There was no model # on panel label, only brand EATON and 125 max amps. “See case sidewall for further info” that was not visible.

It does say use type BD (twin)or BRD breakers, plus a few others.

This is from Cutler-Hammer/Eaton. It shows that twins are allowed on a notched bus, the breaker has a rejection feature preventing from being installed on a bus stab without notch.

The panel I have is Eaton manufactured in early 90’s. So I’m not sure if breakers with this rejection feature were made a that time.

I’m a little stumped on this one. I hate to call it out if acceptable, even though IMO this panel and service size for this house is inadequate at 100 amps , with AC, electric range, DW, dryer, recently finished basement with added circuits (tandems), etc. Though I’m aware that is out of the scope of this inspection.

tandem breaker rejection feature.JPG

If the last few spots are notched, then they are allowed there. Usually they leave some at the bottom notched for the tandems. Not sure if you can view the bus bar down at the bottom. Yeah its a pain inspecting this panel. They should have just had.a full diagram and made everyone’s life easier.

I agree, it would be easier. Thanks for the help. All I have is view of bus at very bottom, at one side. Can’t tell for sure if notched or not, doesn’t appear to be, not sure. There were several twins, some at top half of bar. I think I’ll have an electrician confirm they are allowed for safety.

The diagram on the label appear to be a generic and doesn’t depict all of the slots hence the jagged line under the last two slots. You would need the model number to confirm if this indeed was designed for twin CB’s.