Question regarding handrails for steps

HI, I was hoping to get some clarification. Here at InterNACHI I just read Any stairway with four or more risers should have a handrail on at least one side. However, I recently completed 140 hours of training through REEDC and they taught me that any stairway with 3 or more steps required a handrail. Regarding the NHIE and performing inspections which is the correct answer?
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Depends on step height from grade. It can be 3 or 4 depending. Uniform across the board is 4 or more. I usually look at each set up and report accordingly. If it’s a safety hazard and/or you feel that it could be, set it up for your protection.

Some will go to extremes and say 2 steps may cause a “tripping” hazard, so use common sense.

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The IRC is clear in stating that railings are required for four risers or more.
Handrails shall be provided on not less than one side of each flight of stairs with four or more risers.
It is noted the maximum riser height shall not exceed 7-3/4", but no minimum is stated, so four risers, you need a railing.

The IBC for the State of NY on the other hand has a maximum of 7" and a minimum of 4" for a riser height and no need for a railing for 3 risers.

Changes in room elevations of three or fewer risers within dwelling units and sleeping units in Group R-2 and R-3 do not require handrails.

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4 risers needs a railing is correct, IMHO.

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The wording was changed to reflect the fact that many were not including the last step onto a landing or deck. While there were three obvious separate steps (treads) the final step (fourth) occurred on the deck. If you count risers instead of treads there can be no confusion. 4 or more risers.