Stamp on Storm Panel

I did a wind mit. yesterday and I looked at both sides of about 12 storm panels or so and none of them had a stamp…not the manufacturer, no Miami DAde Approved…nothing. The homeowner showed me a receipt and a picture of a stamped panel as well as said they had just been installed about 18 month ago. I showed the panel to them and they couldn’t find anything stamped on them either.

I thought every panel needed to be stamp???..usually they have multiple stamps.

Could anyone clarify and/or make any suggestions please.

Chuck Gunnip

Too bad so sad for them. If all the panels appear the same I accept one being stamped. I try to be as honest as possible but you will not always find every panel stamped and anyone that says they check them all is a liar.

Let the hating begin :slight_smile:


What county do you work in?

Must have been old stock, or not rated at all. AL panels bought at Lowes was notorious for this a few years ago. Some had the stamp and some did not due to spacing of the stamp on 40’ panels, which were cut to size. Modern panels have the spacing closer together. There is nothing you can do if you can’t find the verification stamp, mark as N on the form and let the owner deal with underwriting.

Don’t you mean “N”, not D?
“Opening Protection products that appear to be A or B but are not verified.”


Yes, sorry

Which means client gets nothing even though house is protected.

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If the product is rated but not verified, the policyholder can get with the supplier for approvals and other docs. These can then be submitted to the insurance company for getting the credits. Happens all the time, but the homeowner needs to know this.

It is my experience that they ALMOST never get the info. :frowning: