Aluminum panel shutters - No stamp

Anyone else run across corrugated aluminum shutters with no rating/stamps? If so how do you classify it on your OIR-B1-1802. Just curious because a house I inspected built in 06’ had protection on all glazed openings, but no stamps on the panels. They seemed lightweight to me as well. Any thoughts are appreciated.

I suppose I need to check (I) on All Glazed Exterior Openings - cannot be identified as Miami Dade of FBC product approved.

not rated

I agree. Check I for not rated.

If the going rate for a wind mit is $75-$85 then checking can not be identified is the correct box, but if we could charge what a wind mit should be ($150)then we would be able too justify doing some research for our clients.
For example if the home was permitted prior too Feb. 1st 2006 then it would have been built under the FBC 2001 which did not require the current requirement that each panel to have the Manufacture name permanently engraved.
The requirements for gauge, attachment, deflection etc. have not changed just that they must be engraved. They panel information (product approvals) would have to been submitted with the construction documents and approved by the Building Official.
My point being that the panels are most probably rated but we would need the extra $75 to do the leg work for verification.
I wonder how much money we are costing the general public in Insurance discounts for $75 inspections

Great point Mark