Stand by Generator requirment question

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I understand the NEC 702-6 requirment for a transfer switch and I think that if a sparkie or anyone else does not put one in they should go to jail


Does this cover portable units??

I need the answer with enough proof to stand up to a sparkie and the building code inspector – A permit will be pulled by the sparkie or the job will not be done

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Absolutely. Protable or permanent. A transfer switch or interlock device is ALWAYS required.
I’ll try to find some quotes for you.

Is the portable generator connected to the building wiring or is it just serving loads with extension cords?

Portable generators entail a few different sections of the NEC other than 702. There is Article 445 and 225 that comes into play as well as the articles covering the conductors and overcurrent devices.

If you understand 702.6 then incorporate the scope of 702 into the type generator that is being used.

702.1 Scope.
The provisions of this article apply to the installation and operation of optional standby systems.
The systems covered by this article consist of those that are permanently installed in their entirety, including prime movers, and those that are arranged for a connection to a premises wiring system from a portable alternate power supply.
(Please note: quote from code is for demonstration purposes only)

Once the generator is connected to the premises wiring it must comply just as though it were permanently installed which would include the transfer switch outlined in 702.6.

There is an exception but it wouldn’t apply to a residential installation.

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I was getting killed by local Sparkie as well as the building inspector


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Well, okay, but please let it happen again. :wink: