Standard Switchboard Corp

Does anyone know anything about Standard Switchboard Corp? I ran into a panel that appears to be made by them, but I can’t find much of anything on the company. This is in an apartment building. The building was built in 1962.

That mess needs an upgrade no matter the name…IMHO

So, is there an actual question in there somewhere?

A very broad one. But, yes:

Besides that one? We inspect for defects, not brand names.
Making opinions based upon brand names is for idiots.

I am a Zinsco idiot

At least you admit it… besides, Florida and it’s Insurance scammers pretty well force you to!

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True, but we also express concern with certain brands (Federal Pacific for instance).

I was looking to see if anyone knows anything about this company because I am not familiar.

An electrician friend answered like this when I asked if he runs into these:

“Yeah… I think they got bought out by sylvania then sylvania by Eaton/cutler hammer”

Who’s “WE”, because I and many other veteran inspectors ‘DO NOT’.

That exact same statement can be made for damned near ANY electrical and hvac manufacturer!
Brands names are non-issues!!

JJ GTE Sylvania bought Zinsco, the Zinsmeyer Company from Chicago.
They found out is was CRAP & sold it, the name changed to Challenger.
The brand name is an issue along with the infamous Stab-Lok for me. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Standard Switchboard was a local panel and switchboard manufacturer in New York City. I believe that they just went out of business. We would see their stuff in old buildings, here’s an old fuse panel.


“We” is me and many others. “We” includes the instructor I had for learning to be a home inspector.

That doesn’t mean I tell people to replace Federal Pacific panels but I do let them know of the various claims made regarding them so the buyers are aware. They can’t come back to me and ask, “Why didn’t you mention this?” later.

Thank you for the normal people. This is all I was asking for.

Glad to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Proves my point. You can’t/shouldn’t inspect by Brand Name, as Brand names are sold like Hotel’s on Monopoly!!
Note: There are some Brands that get a “bad rap” in the USA, and seem to be okey-dokey in Canada. Just sayin’.

Are you ALSO making them aware of this… (most don’t)…

The real story is they ran out of money & our pro-business President
Regan admin would not fund them any more. So it ended.