Standards for recessed floor for HVAC equipment

1960s house. Next to the laundry room in the basement is a louver door with a small hook and eye latch at the top. Behind it is a recessed area for the HVAC equipment 45" deep.
I’m a new inspector looking for advice on the standards for this situation.

Mika, what are your concerns with the installation?

Seems like a fall hazard. Can you have a drop floor like this because of the door. Or is it ok because it’s located in the basement. Just looking for more information to be able to talk to the homeowner about it. They were asking. It’s a mock inspection.

You could recommend a better door latch, especially if the client has young children.

Ok thanks will do

That is pretty deep. I agree with Ryan about the latch. You could tell them they might consider improving safe access for filter changes etc, (such as a fixed ship ladder, rungs or similar. Careful when prescribing cures, best to just recommend a contractor to evaluate)

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