Standing metal roof

Is cutting a slit in the ridges of a standing metal roof allowed to bend the metal? Doesn’t seem to be OK.

Are you asking because the roof substrate was not flat or because the roof had a concave bow to it?
If it was a flat roof that wasn’t flat, it should have been shimmed appropriately to accept the standing seam metal.
If it had a bow to it, you need a special machine to bend the metal so you don’t just go around cutting slits in the standing seam which make an entrance for water. That would be a defect in the installation.

Thanks. They bent the metal roof because the roof pitch changed. I wrote up the slits in the standing seams for the reason you mentioned. Thanks again.

On items like this you can contact the manufacturer and ask if they will honor their warranty with installations like this. If you don’t have the time, the answer is no.

This is a project I did in 2006, standing seam copper roof. There were no slits in the ribs of this one. LOL:wink:

Gary, that looks like an aluminum pan roof in that photo, carport or patio cover.
(Still wrong of course)