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Good morning,
I am about to start my home inspection business “01-02-20” and I am going with the Spectora inspection software.
My question is I want to use this next 3 months in practicing how to become somewhat proficient in using it so, I want to use my 5 free Spectora inspections on clients “friends” that have agreed to let me practice with there homes.
How do I do these free inspection with the spectora software with out entering the payment?
I don’t want to waste these next 3 months just sitting on my hands when I could be practicing…

I was told that once “any money” goes into my business account the business is concerned active and is open to being taxed. I wanted to wait until 2020 to start out with a clean slate.

Maybe I should just start it now and let the chips fall where they may fall?

I have 2 years before I retire, want my inspection business limp along until I go full time when I retire.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated…

Gary, you don’t need to spend any money to practice using Spectora. You also don’t need to waste the 5-free inspections on your friends (use these on “paying” clients). You can create full blown inspection, just don’t publish it. When you publish is when you use up the free inspection. You can delete them as many times as you need, reapply new templates to the inspection, and regenerate the draft reports as many times as you need. Payment is not necessary to create & view a report.

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