Staples for fastening roof sheathing; what years/staple size?

I think staples were used for fastening roof sheathing in the 60s and 70s and I think ½" crown x 1.5".

Does this sound right to you guys? I gotta replicate it for a wind mit display for the HoH2 in FL and want to get it right.

In Ohio we used staples into the mid '80s. 1/2 crown is what we used and 1 1/2 inch length sounds right.

I think I still have a couple of the older Senco nailers, staplers.

1/2" crown x 1.5 or 2" - 16 guage. They were commonly used until 1993. Hurricane Andrew changed that one.

Staples started showing up for roof and wall sheathing in the early 70’s I believe. I haven’t noticed any stapling from the 60’s.

Here’s a photo from one this week…

Those are some really looooong staples!

Fairly standard for Hillsborough County.

Those are the 1.5" staples. Most good framers were using 2" staples.

Typical from the Old Days. Sometimes longer.