Picture of Saturn passing the sun

Saturn was passing the sun the other day so I used my phone and took a picture of it, pretty cool you can see the rings around it. Just sharing if anyone likes this kinda stuff. I find it interesting.

That was Venus.
I found a better image on the Snell Forum.

Cool pic. We live in the middle of corn fields so our kids get into this stuff. We try to watch a few meteor showers during the year. Haven’t done much telescope stuff but we sure do have an unpolluted sky for it.


I was disappointed that my neighbor didn’t have welder’s goggles so I could see it live, but thanks for the pic. (It doesn’t matter whether it was Saturn or Venus, it was cool)

Bummed that I missed it. Guess I’ll have to freeze my head when I croak so I can see the next one. :wink:

Cool thanks.

Any damage to the phone?

I would think that may fry something inside?

It might be a cool way to capture a solar eclipse.