Start up or work for a company?

I am in the process of getting my 120 hours done. I am new to this industry and currently reading some of the forum posts. Obviously being new, some of this is overwhelming. So, I want to ask the experienced folks here. Do you see many guys starting out fresh on their own, or working for a home inspection company first?

I would suggest you start out working for a company. There are a lot of costs involved with starting your own company these days.

When I started my company in 1994, I think it was around $500…then when I went to onsite reports in 1997, I got a laptop and a printer and software, which was $2,000.00.

After a couple of years, then go out on your own…or…become part of a franchise with the company you worked for. Everyone stays happy that way.

Congratulations. I think it really depends on where you are in life, and what experience you already have. Start-up costs are not that bad at all, considering what it costs to start other businesses. Do you have that money available? Do you have experience in the industry(maybe construction-related) that gives you a solid knowledge base? Can you afford to start something slow(money wise),and build it? Are you willing to market yourself? The answers for me are yes, and I can’t see myself working for someone else. I’ve also worked as a small business owner and consultant for the last 15 years, so I’m OK with stepping out on my own. Nothing wrong with either route, though.

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And there’s the key issue IMO.

Most everyone only thinks about the inspecting part of this… tools, insurance, software, etc. Yes, those are important and often expensive items…


DO NOT forget about what you need to own and operate the business aspect of it all. I don’t give a rats ass how good an inspector you are, and how fancy your tools and gimmicks are, if you have no clue, no reserve cash, no office equipment and fixtures, no experience running a business, etc. etc. etc… you will likely FAIL!!

Just sayin’.


you’re not wrong about any of that.

This is my first time really using this forum, and it’s great to see so much activity.