State of Illinois approved 35 of our inspection courses today.

What happens after I take the online courses? How do I go about getting the state certificate for the courses I take?

Looks great ,but how come Nachi Chicago is not allowed to administer any of them?
Not sure how any of the 35 is significant to us.

Over half the state Inspectors are Chicago area.

How do I become a proctor and does it pay or is it a free service I would provide?

I think our existing proctors charge $25 and we have to get you approved by the state. Ask Lisa Endza, her contact info is in

OK ,thanks for the info Nick.
When I ask why the Chapter does not offer this service I never get a straight answer.

Elections this month so I will inform those running it is possible.

I am looking to take proctored exam(s) to receive the required CE. Any suggestions?

My chapter is not even allowed to perform proctoring for some strange reason so maybe you will get a straight answer when I could not.

I was told some guy I never met decides who is allowed to do it .
Go figure.

You can take proctored exams in Illinois at your local library.

The way I understand it that is not true.
Who does the proctoring Chris?

A library proctor.

I had it set up last year at our local library.

But I waited too late and had to drive to Kenneth Sitzes house.

That’s good to know. Thanks for the info Chris.:wink:

I had to send Kenneth the library address and name of proctor; and processing fees (can’t remember how much). He mails test to library, Then I schedule a time at the library, take exam(s). The results were mailed back to Kenneth, he grades and submits to state. The proctor doesn’t charge anything.

Chris how or should I say what are the details here.
I just call any Library and tell them “Hey on my way”
Seriously they would have no idea what I was talking about plus how much do they charge?

Got a link kitchen to all this? and where did you get the info?

I explained the process in previous post.

I called library, spoke with a woman that is a proctor, told her what I needed. The test were mailed to her, I schedule a time convinient for each of us. She mails results to Ken, I’m good for 2 more years. No, my library does not charge.

Contact one of these guys, top 3.

Thanks Chris