Illinois CE Credits for INACHI Courses.

:stuck_out_tongue: Illinois members needing proctored exams in Northern Illinois may contact
Rod Roeske at
Provide the name of the course(s) completed, your name and phone number.
E mail address and availability for testing.
You must be members of INACHI, dues paid.

How much does it cost?

$5 Chris

Thanks Bob. I can’t understand why “what’s his name” charges $80.

Also why it came down to crash course time, license renewal deadline is only a month away. This (lower proctoring fees) should have been resolved a long time ago, like a year or two. Too late for me, I already payed Quality Education for their courses.

Well you may note I just found out about the situation a few months ago and nobody said nothing till you brought it up so good job Chris.
You gotta work your side of town though. Capish.

I will next time, that’s for sure.

The State of Illinois requires you to take a written proctored exam to receive State CE credits.
NOTE: Not all of InterNACHI’s online courses are approved for IL CE credits.

Upon passing the proctored exam you are awarded an **Illinois State Credit Form,** and the proctor will forward your credits to the state.

**Illinois-licensed home inspectors pay a fee for proctoring services. **

For proctoring services in Illinois, contact InterNACHI’s Illinois Education Director:
Ken Sitzes,#450.0001606, NACHI04122492
Waterloo, IL :nachi: (618) 830-8283

For Northern Illinois contact:
Rod Roeske #450.001294 NACHI 0050092
Lombard,IL:nachi: (630) 629 3119


Is Bob correct about the $5? I will be contacting the email you posted if so.

no Bob is wrong

I was told $5
Are you including Nachi Chicago of which you are not a member ?
Are you setting other chapters rates and if not who is ?

Please provide more detailed answers as we do not feel like pulling teeth here.

Sorry but Bob is right.
Not sure why you would hold up progress and perhaps if you were at the Boost meeting like many others with the Huge Chicago chapter you would have heard the announcement.
I understand as of today you are again roadblocking us from being able to provide a **free proctoring **for NACHI members (sorry guess I was wrong about the $5) and you have been offered expenses but have a vendetta of a personal nature that harms all Illinois members and interNachi itself.

Free proctoring would help NACHI to grow and secure us as an association

You are doing harm sir and it is time to let go.
Please call Jeff Merit and let us all move on from this debacle.

NACHI Chicago is here to help …are you?

So which is it Bob? Right, wrong, $5, free, or roadblocking (still $80)?

Feel free to contact me Chris.

This is how outdatedthe IL State Chapter website is, concerning proctoring ce credits.

		**Proctored exam to receive your Continuing Education Credits for Illinois licensing requiremen​ts - Event Over**

11/4/2011 (8:00 AM) -
11/5/2011 (11:00 AM)

Illinois chapter?
Gee where do they meet?
It is a farce and a fake.

In your dreams maybe.

:nachi: Illinois CE exams are provided at cost to members who provide their names and the exams they wish to take. Proctored sites will be provided and when at libraries the libraries have fees and requirements that must be met by the students. Price for Ill state chapter events are based on number of students, number of exams, and room costs divided among those that show up. Color exams cost more then B&W exams etc. Handling of credits is quicker at State Chapter events but is a variable.

Note: Library events must be planned more then two weeks in advance.

Availability of proctors varies by locations.

The State Chapter license is INACHI and the state chapter members are exam officials. :nachi:

Proctoring should be done at our local chapter meetings and as to expenses these will be paid for by the local chapter.

Please detail exact expenses and what happens with cash overflow as you are an individual .

Ken wants $80 last I spoke to him which is more than an actual physical class which is a joke.

The idea behind this whole program is to provide a service to NACHI Chicago members as a benefit and reason to join IMO.

Rod you are a NACHI Chicago member and as such have interest in seeing the Chapter thrives so tell me how you stand on this matter and do you make a profit because if not should be helping getting this transferred to the Chapter ?

P.S The meeting you missed last week had Jeff announcing proctoring would take place at the November meeting and I see no reason to hold this up,do you?

Look forward to your response !

Please explain “cost to members”, I can understand renting a room, other than that I don’t see it. When Ken proctored my exams last year it was at a McDonald’s (free rent). I thought Nachi was a nonprofit organization. Also that our the education was included with our yearly membership dues.

Regarding fees at libraries, that’s not true, at least in my area. There is NO charge for proctoring.

There are many approved IL education providers that offer online courses. They have a real simple way of taking a proctored exam, At No additional cost. All I do is go to the library, contact the person who does proctoring, either me or the proctor signs in to education provider’s website with my password, clicks on the exam, I take the exam, they submit it with their computer, the education provider submits results to the State. That’s it.

I do not understand why Nick and Nachi cannot do this directly through Nachi. Or why we must go through the State Chapter. Makes no sense to me.

Another inspector in my area prints the exam from an education providers website, takes the exam to his local library, takes exam, submits it to the State. All of this for NO Fees.

So Christopher arrange for your library to proctor an exam. Then have Ken send the exam to them. Cost will be to you.