118 Free Course & Proctored Exam Completions Last Month for Members in Illinois

Several months while ago, we totally changed the way members in Illinois can attain state-approved home inspector Continuing Education.

It’s now all provided with free, online courses (state-approved) and free proctored web-based exams.

Well, we just processed, for November 2014, a record-breaking 118 free CE course completions (including 118 free proctored exams) for members in Illinois.

Everything you need in Illinois, all in one place.

Well I don’t know about the standards in Illinois but I’d like to say thank you for all the courses on the the regular InterNACHI website! I had followed some of them and I really like the way it’s presented. Even if the courses not always represent the standard in Quebec, it’s a pretty good way to learn more about general inspection protocole and helps me to improve my english at same time!
Thanks again!

118 proctored exams administered in just one state in just one month. Wow.

Thanks Ben for finally simplifying our proctoring process. It was so much easier and convenient for me to be able to take the proctored test at the local library, for free in my case, then it was scheduling and paying one of the few INachi approved proctors, as was before.

Also thank you Ben for submitting the results to the State very quickly.