Stealing water???

Recently did an inspection on a 9 year old home. House had a sprinkler system and numerous home owner water devices.

In the basement it sure does appear that the meter has been relocated and either the lawn water or house water is not being metered. Meter should go were the white pipe was installed.

Usually the pressure regulator is on the house side and the sprinkler system is not regulated. Some locals have 2 meters one for the house, one for the sprinkler.

I could not trace the system as the basement was finished and I did not want to monkey with the shut offs to determine what is what.

What do you think??

I advise they obtain utility bills, contact the public utility and have a plumber review as there are missing anti siphon’s and loose piping.

165510 041 (Small).jpg

165510 041 (Small).jpg

Nothing in the yard? City shut off and meter?


In my area, they charge different rates for water that does not enter the sewer system.

As the water for irrigation does not end up in the sewage treatment plant the cost is much less per cu. ft.

It’s over $2/100 cu. ft. differential so dual meters are common.

Same here.