Steam Shower

I have a inspection for a house with a steam shower. I have never looked close at one, anything special to look for?

I look at them, make sure that they have a plumbed drip pan and pressure relief valve, but disclaim them officially in my report.

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Can anyone offer some additional information regarding the inspection of a steam shower?

There is nothing to worry about.
Just inspect the shower.
Notate any controls for the steam.

Nope. Have never seen one.

We can’t use them in MN. We would all crack and melt and be washed down the drain! :mrgreen:

Good info at, keyword steamshower. Images and explanations provided. Helped me as I see them often up here.

Usually just a plug in box with a set of pipes.
Inspect the pipes and the electrical connections then see if it works.

I think you would be alright in MN probably would just float;-):wink: