Steam generator info please?

Found what I think is a steam generator under a bathroom sink. I am not familiar with this. I tried to find information on the company but I think the Co. is out of business. Does someone have info on this? A site that has info or year made? Thanks for any help.

129-400 - Copy.jpg


Drain is leaking onto the electrical j-box, yikes. I think I’d call for removal for safety reasons. At least it’s in a pan. :stuck_out_tongue:
Nope, never seen one of those before.

John Kogel

I suspect it’s an electric tankless water heater for the bathroom sink.

Looks like an old steam generator for a sauna or steam shower. Even if it operated for me at the time of the inspection I would probably recommend evaluation by a plumber familiar with steam generators.

That unit does not look like it has a drain hooked up, if not these units will get clogged up with calcium, I have worked on a lot of “Amerec” units in the past.

That’s what I think also. I did call for a plumber. That gray box on the right is a transformer for it. Should have an electrician look also. Would be easier just to remove it. Here’s some info on the generator.

Here is a pic of the label on the transformer.


I came across a steam generator a few months ago but it was for a Bosch wash machine.