Shower pan inspections

I once read a post on this board about a HI that stated he has never tested a shower pan by adding water with a stopper in a shower stall, said he never has and never will. It made me giggle about someones lack of knowledge. He should have done some research on google before making that silly statement.

I just got a call today to test multiple shower pans in a college dorm with my Infrared for a major National contractor that builds commercial buildings. I am laughing all the way to the bank.

Woot, woot! Good for you.

Have Red Cap. Will travel:)

Ya betcha just got off the phone again with the sup and he said they had upwards of 40 shower pans to check some upstairs and some downstairs:D

So what is your protocal going to be?

Going to purchase more stoppers as the first order of business I only carry 3 in my tool bag. Will have my helper start running one inch of water ahead of my camera an let each stall set approximately 30 minutes before I start scanning. I usually do a quick scan when the water is first run just to make sure I don’t have a gusher especially upstairs. I will have my helper upstairs and on the phone with me down stairs with the camera so if I find a leaker he can pull the stopper before the ceiling gets extremely wet. I can usually catch the water with IR before it has time to create significant damage. In the winter time I use the cold water and in the summer I use hot water

Thanks for the info. You just reminded me, I need some stoppers.

Saw this and it made me giggle.
Good luck CB. :smiley:

I hated it when Professional Equipment merged with Grainger, cause my local Grainger tells me they don’t carry “sweetie pie” no more. Been using them for 20 years.

I have never used one. No need. Over 5,000 inspections in 13 years, and never missed one. There are other ways.

Gary you BS your friends and I will BS my friends but please lets not BS each other you don’t have a clue if you missed one or not just like you don’t walk a roof.

You just have not had the right client tell you what you have been missing in the form of a legal letter;-)

Amazing how many times no stains, tile sounds solid when you pop it with the butt of your mag or streamlite, nothing shown up on IR, no nothing. Then you put down “sweetie pie” turn on the water and 5 minutes later water is coming out of the chandelier in the dining room below you.

I do not walk on roofs or flood shower pans. No need. Never been to court or summoned. I will not give-a-way my secrets. As a former home builder, there are other ways to check drains and roofs. I charge a high fee for my secrets. Someday I will write a book on the subjects. Weight affects many things…

OK, how much is the high fee?

I will start the bidding $1.00:p;-)

How about a charity auction?

I don’t understand, I am new to inspecting, been doing it for a year now, but I am NOT new to forums, been using them for years to not only learn but also share so that others can learn from me. I come here and read these posts to learn and share, and see a member with over 5K posts not wanting to share? What is the point of posting at all, am I missing something?

The member doesn’t want to share his trade secrets.
Get over it. He owes you nothing.

So I bought some cheap little rubber sink/tub stoppers last week. Good thing I did. About half the tubs I inspected had no stopper. Thanks for the reminder.

I can’t find them anywhere . Any ideas on where to get them now?