Steam systems

choose the best answer…

Of course a steam system has a sight glass/gauge indicator.

Are you sure they all do??? Roy sr

And the correct answer is ? Roy Sr

I don’t see steam systems around here, at least not yet…

So, I don’t know the answer…

I was thinking it would be nice to have multiple thermostats on a steam system to help achieve more balance.

The answer can’t be high limit because all systems have some form of that.

What does the sight glass do for you? Look for air bubbles or water level?

Water Level

That question was on my State Licencing test.

I asume you answered it correctly…:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks, but have you ever seen a tri-cok? :shock:


PS intentially spelled wrong, since it was filtered when I used a Rosters other name. :smiley: