Steeple jacks.

A job almost forgotten.
Where/s the crown?

I spent about two hours watching his different videos last night. Fred was a truly unique man. They broke the mold after he was born. Thanks for the link Robert.

Thanks for taking the time to see how I use to work.
Not as high as Fred but I used bosun’s chairs, out rigged on walls like Fred by tying into the triple Wyeth brick walls with iron dogs and setting up old style wall scaffolding made with true rough cut 2’x4"‘s and 2’x 8’ as planking that weighed a ton until they were good and dry cured. Worked hanging in the air was part of my youth.
My last steeple repair I used a 65’ areal platform. My apprentice was shaking. HA HA HA. I highly doubt he would work a boson’s 13 stories or hammer in dogs off a 60 foot ladder to start the staging.

PS: Beer was a prerequisites. CSST was the paper in your back pocket so they can see whom they are bringing to the hospital or worse.
Happy you enjoyed yourself.

I enjoyed the videos also , but just a beer will not work, it’s gonna take more than that :):slight_smile: