Open Joist

Finnally got to see a type of floor joist I had only read about in the past.
Did a draw inspection today and saw these.
Here is the link for some that might be interested.

Got a few pictures here:


Forgot to mention, that this was an ICF foundation also. Don’t see to many around here. :slight_smile:

We use those as a flat roof trusses from where I am from, except they would have the metal crinch plates on the sides.

Interesting, Marcel. I don’t see the continuous strongback bridging, though.

I was just taking pictures Larry. That is all they well get for $60 :mrgreen::wink:

Hope they’re going to change that temporary screw jack.
Sorry to nit pick :slight_smile:


Probably not Peter.
Chances are they will call me at another time to go take progress photos, and I will see then.
That whole place was ICF also. Don’t see to many personally. :slight_smile:

Are you getting many phase inspections up there?

You should contact national ??? I’ll have to look it up somewhere, but anyway, I use to do maintenance inspections for them. One place was 500 units in Portland and the other was 250 units in LA.

I’ll post the info. when I find it. I want to contact the owners to get my foot in the door for thermal imaging, it’s a huge company based out of Boston and own big complexes like this all over New England.

Ive done four for this outfit in Arizona. They are an inspection company working for banks all over the country, and they found me on seek inspector.
All they want is pictures and nothing else. Only pays $60, but it is usually in my area and can stop on my way to somewhere or coming back. I call it a fly by inspections. :slight_smile:
I usually go a couple of times when the Contractor is drawing money, they want to see the progress.
Download the pictures on to the email and done.
Problem is, the radius is about 10 miles. Can’t go anyfurther for tht money.

I hear ya, I tried that with DDN years ago and it wouldn’t be bad if you got 5-6 every couple of weeks.
They use to call me out of the blue and go 50 miles each way for $50.00. I could work at Home depot and make more!!!

I did have a couple of local banks that used me and i got $125.00 per inspection, usually 5 during the build but the funny thing with that is, no building, no draw inspections.

That picture you posted, is that new construction or a renovation. Looks like a block wall.

ICF Peter. One of the very few I have seen close up.
New construction. The owner is 72 years old. 20 acre lot.
Probably 3,500 sq. ft.
Here are a few pics.








Man, what a beautiful barn, house is nice too!

I know, I liked it too! Damn, he has water, electricity and a green house to one side. Put my man cave in the loft, and I would be all set. :):wink:

man i like that work shop…