Stern Talk'n To From Past Client

Yesterday I had a client’s mother who I did an inspection for 6 months ago call. She said you remember when you did that inspection for my son back in November, I actually did. She said since then the roof has poured water through the pot lights in the bedroom, the toilet will not flush, the dishwasher leaks water all over the floor, and the washing machine had a concealed hole in it. She said everything is fixed now and if I would have did a better job and been more careful she could have had the seller fix these problems before closing. I went to Fetch Report pulled up the report and there it was; roof plumbing vent flashing needed repair, uplifted shingles, evidence of heavy leaking in attic, and a roof that needs to be replaced shortly. I ran dishwasher through a full cycle, flushed all toilets, and everything was working just fine. It even said on report to contact a licensed roofer for repairs. Last time I heard, the seller had someone come in and make all repairs including roof. Here we are 6 months later and “she just wants me to know”. Unbelievable!

Yep , They didnt read the inspection or where told not a big deal. I had one call a year later blasting me about the roof he was just replacing . On the report it stated missing shingles recommend a roofer to estimate repairs or replacement

Why didn’t you use your crystal ball?

My crystal ball has been in the shop for calibration…

I’ve had this conversation with more than a few clients. It usually comes down to the fact that they never read the report and/or relied solely on the summary and/or consultation at the end of the inspection.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we stress its importance, we cannot force them to read the report.

She’s not a past client, her son is. She’s just an angry bystander.

Good point, I didn’t notice that…

I had a former client call me and claim that I “missed” the fact that her shower enclosure did not include safety glass. It was nearly a 150 sq ft stall with a deluge waterfall and multiple shower heads. The replacement cost for the enclosure was near $5K (so she claimed).

Obviously, I was distressed over the conversation and told her I would be there the next day. After I hung up the phone, I pulled up the report. It turned out that my inspection was a pre-drywall inspection :roll:

I called and left a message conveying this fact. She never called back.

Nice! It’s always good to have copies.

Whatever, your always full of excuses. Kevin would have noted it! Novice…:stuck_out_tongue:

Had a woman call me back in March about an inspection I did in Novemebr of last year. She said the foundation was leaking next to the chimney and her grandson got his butt wet hiding behind a chair. She was furious. I asked her if I could call her back. I grabbed the report, uplaoded all of the pictures I had save from the inspection (about 150) and as soon as I opened up the report BAM like a smack in the forhead—A nice large, sharp colour picture on the first page of the flashing around the chimney angled outwards about 4 inches away from the brick. I noted it, recommended repairs immediately and stated that failure to repair will cause water intrusion into the home from the attic to the basement (where the fireplace was).
I called her back and explained it, re-sent her the report and attached several pics specifically of the flashing on the roof.

Her reply: Oh, I didn’t read the report. I just gave it to my realtor. Sorry about that. Click


Yup, been there, once had a client tell me there was no ground for the panel!
I’m always very particular about chasing down the grounding connections.
So I went over and there it was plain as day, rod and ground wire.
He had a “friend” tell him it was missing…
2 wasted hours.


I love friends, cousins, uncles, brother-in laws and neighbours that are closet home inspectors :slight_smile:

EDIT- And Realtors :wink:

No doubt :smiley:

But according to ROBERT YOUNG on a previous tread:

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That was a mistake and has been corrected. However it does seem that you have forgotten some very important rules Marcel G.


Just went through this the other day. Same thing, all roof issues I had “missed”, according to his roofer, in the report, and clear pictures. Just read the darn report, all of it please. Give me heartburn six months down the road, UGH!!!

Yes I would have despite it being finished or not.:mrgreen:

Thus the primary reason I have not included a Summary page in over 6 years… and not a single Client has ever requested one… and only one agent has inquired about one, since.

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