Picture Tell the Story

I know that I may be preaching to the choir on this topic but I am still amazed at how many realtors tell me that there are many inspectors that do not include photos in their reports? I recently had the rare opportunity to sit down with a home seller and review my report with him. As I sat down I saw that he printed a copy of the report and when he picked up the report he went straight to the pictures section (which print each photo with the full comment after the section - I use einspections software for my general home inspections).

As he went through the report I noticed that he didn’t really read the verbiage but looked at each picture and tried to figure out what I was talking about or make a decision on the severity of the comment. It became abundantly clear that he really did not want to read the report but rather get to the bottom line as quick as he could. He used to features in the report to get the level of information HE wanted. He read the summary report and the comments under the pictures and that was enough to tell him exactly what he needed to know.

By the way, these two features are unique to eInspections. I know that almost all software can generate a summary and add pictures but the way in which the software presents the information has always be a key selling point for my business and in my opinion eInspections does the best job of presenting the summary and picture information in a concise and easy to read format that doesn’t skimp on details. With each photograph I can included the full comment under the photograph in a table format - no flipping around the report to match them up. The summary is unique in that it breaks out my comments in any of five categories (which I control) and it does so automatically (or I can choose not to include it in the summary if I change my mind.

If you haven’t done so I encourage you to test drive this software as it has made a difference in my business and I have received nothing but excellent feedback from clients and realtors alike. By the way, I have reduced my reporting time significantly and in most cases can finish my report onsite (no more Mr. Midnight for me)



Why do you only come in here every blue moon promoting einspections? Great product I’m sure however you put on one heck of a TV show and I and other’s certainly would like to jog through ideas with you every now and then. Come join us would love to have you.

Thanks for Posting Steve. I too see the value of pictures in my reports.

BTW, the fish are biting here.

I agree Billy, it would be nice to have Steve share all his experiences with us more often. Would be a great help to everyone.

In case some of the new members are not aware, Steve Ramos was Nominated for MOTY in 2008.

Here is what his nominator said of him;

[FONT=Times New Roman]Date of Submission: 3/14/08[/FONT]

This man’s efforts for the entire “Home Inspection Industry” are second to none. His efforts and actions reach literally millions of people from across North America through either his website or the HGTV shows. iNACHI should be honored and privileged to have him as a member and the membership of iNACHI should be praising him for the extreme exposure.

Very impressive. Would be a pleasure Steve to have you aboard more often.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

Steve i thought you used Home Gauge

I’ve only seen 2 inspectors here endorse this product.*** Does anybody else here use this system?? If you haven’t already learned, It’s the inspector that produces a good report, not the software.***Home Guage or HIP work just fine. einspection has a minimum charge of $20 per month and a $4 per inspection. Pretty expensive if you do 300 a year.

So where do you draw the line? The other day I inspected a house and the roof had a sway in it. The roof actually had two coverings. It was originally a tar and gravel roof with a 6 inch parapet and a gentle slope to the interior to direct water to the lower drains. Half the roof had been recovered in asphalt shingle (which I noted as improper) and the other half was left with tar and gravel. The side with the new shingles had the noticeable sway the other half had a slope but it was less noticeable because of the white gravel. After walking over the area with the new shingles and inspecting the attic I decided that there wasn’t any rot or damage it was just the shingles following the contour of the roof. So I send my report up and I get an email a few days later from the client asking why the neighbor could see such a deformity and I could not? As usual I explained to her my thoughts on the topic. I had already referred this roof out for estimation and further evaluation for other conditions and the roofer never did get up on the roof to inspect - he did a drive by.

A couple of thoughts/questions occurred to me after this conversation - should I have noted the slope in the roof included the picture of it that I took and stated the facts (no observable damage other side of roof has similar slope for drainage)? Where do we draw the line? I, as many of you do, spend a lot of time writing reports, just to get the items needing repair - especially with all the REO’s I am inspecting.

I did forward that picture to my client with my explanation and she conceded that my comments were sufficient. I don’t think that there is a right call here just one of those situations that come up from time to time.

By the way - when I am not inspecting or marketing my inspection business- I am usually playing with my kids - when I am not doing either of those two - I am fishing (technically hunting the world record largemouth that exists at Clearlake, CA). Sorry I don’t stop by more but that is just not the biggest priority for me.

Steve good for you… I do lots with kids as well and have many hobbies all we are saying is your expertise is noted and we would enjoy seeing you around more than just a blue moon. I think this is only the 3rd post I’ve ever seen from you. Doesn’t matter though your busy have a great time and feel free to jump on board and say howdy any time your more than welcomed.

Thanks Bill. I have actually made a 148 posts… :slight_smile: As I have stated before on other posts. I am not hard to find. My website is www.envirovue.com. You can get my phone number and email there. I have answered many more questions offline than I will online. It is just easier for me to get back to people from Outlook than the boards.

Excellent… I’ll keep in touch. By the way I work weekends here at the base so I haven’t had a chance to catch your show lately. Still going strong? I could watch the same show back to back and still watch it again. Great information you put out there. A new good one I’ve been catching lately is Renovation Realities have you see it yet?

I don’t really watch much TV unless it is a sporting event or a good movie. I think House Detective is off for the summer but I haven’t checked in a while. The network doesn’t consult me or tell me their plans for programming so I don’t know their plans for the fall.